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Well My Bracket Is Totally Hosed

Does this mean I actually have to talk with my family for the rest of the month?

First Day Of Spring?


my ass.

There Ain’t No Trash In My Trailer

The ironing board surfing is a new one for me!

I Call Man Law

Another Friday The 13th

Now excuse me whilst I clean up that mirror I broke when I dodged that black cat crossing my path…


But in his defense I can kind of understand if he didn’t see it

World’s smallest sculpture no bigger than ant’s head accidentally crushed by photographer

Jonty Hurwitz, from Hampshire, uses a high-tech process called nano-painting to craft detailed representations of the human form in miniature.

Some of his pieces are just 100 microns tall and so tiny that they cannot be seen by the human eye without a microscope.

…“I went off to have the original sculpture photographed so I found a laboratory with an electron microscope and the photographic technology,” Hurwitz told the Daily Mail.

“The technician went to change the orientation and then for the next half an hour we were looking for the piece through the lens.

“Eventually I noticed there was a fingerprint exactly where the sculpture used to be and I was like ‘Man, you have just destroyed one of the smallest art pieces ever made’. I slightly freaked out.”

It had taken Hurwitz a year to make the sculpture.


Horton was unavailable for comment.

Well This Seems Appropriate


“I’m just a poor corrupt official.”

Damn, It Doesn’t Get Any Better

Now here’s a Trio for the Gods

Happy Birthday THS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bestest Sisser EVUH!!!!!

March Forth!

Happy Commie Holiday :)

Oh, and if anyone happens to see the Groundhog, please do punch the little bastard for me.


50 Years Ago Tonight, Theaters Went Dark

And MAGIC happened.

WHY the Responsible Adult in Your Family ALWAYS Told You To:



The Quality Of The Local Criminals Has Sadly Deteriorated

Since I left town

Police: Man created black ice to mask drunken driving crash
Published February 17, 2015Associated Press

SPARTA, N.J. – A man poured water onto a freezing road to try to fool officers into thinking the cause of his drunken car crash was black ice, police say.

Twenty-year-old Bryan Byers, of Sparta, was arrested Saturday and charged with drunken driving and other offenses.

Authorities say he hit a guardrail after running a stop sign in a BMW early that morning.

Shortly after the crash, police said, 20-year-old Alexander Zambenedetti, a friend of Byers’, showed up in his own car. The two men then dumped 5-gallon buckets of water onto the road to create black ice, police said.

…Authorities say Byers confessed to the plan. They noticed skid marks were visible under the thin layer of ice at the intersection.

Creative, I’ll grant, but yeah, the skid marks being under the ice were probably something of a give-away to their cunning plan.

Quote Of The Day

An Old friend said this to me recently on IM

dude that movie is all you. its kind of cerebral but with an underlying raunchiness

I really can’t argue with that.

I Missed This Last Night

Looks like it was a great show!

(via Ace)

No Photo Op This Year…

…for last year’s Groundhog murderer DeBlasio

I Find It Humorous…

…that the weather forecasters who were hyperventilating “ZOMG we’re all going to DIE!!!!!” when we got 8″ of snow last week are all “Yeah what-EV” about the 6-12″ we’re supposed to get on Monday.

A Concentration Of Power That…

…MUST be broken up

these four companies control what is – to some – the most precious commodity in the world… world whiskey production

The chart is frightening.

Fight Big Booze!

Well That Was A Bit Under-Whelming

We only got about 8″, about half of what we were *guaranteed* to get just a few hours prior. Now don’t get me wrong: if they’re going to blow a forecast this is definitely the direction I want them to screw it up in.

But it does make me hope that someone somewhere will stop just for half a second a think that, just perhaps, if all the billions of dollars of fancy equipment and thousands of PhDs focused on the weather can’t get it right for TOMORROW then maybe they sorta kinda maybe shouldn’t be so 100% sure that they can declare with Absolute Consensus what’s going to happen over the next 100 years.

I am personally thankful for this mistake, however, as it allowed me to have this for breakfast


before I went out and cleaned off the cars, driveway, and sidewalk.

The Patriots’ Balls

Via Ace’s sidebar, this is a very interesting article looking at the amazing lack of fumbles by the Patriots over the past few years; read the whole thing and watch the video

I actually went back and researched 5 year periods for the entire NFL over the last 25 years. The Patriots ratio of 187 plays to 1 fumble is the BEST of ANY team in the NFL for ANY 5 year span of time over the last 25 years. Not was it just the best, it wasn’t close

It’s uncanny really, and ranks right up there with Hillary’s cattle-trading prowess, and it certainly reinforces the case that the Patriots have been cheating for a long time.

But as a big fan of Occam it seems to me there is a simpler reason for this seemingly amazing hand strength that the Patriots’ display:

They’re such wankers.

On THIS Day, On the Mud Floor of a Hut in Kenya

…a little baby was born.

the REST is…um…

…history, right?



We love you.

Breakfast Bourbon



And pork roll


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Proving YET AGAIN that our Fearless Leader and his Le Grande Toadie, the Secretary of State, are as spectacularly tone-deaf as any fence post in America, John Kerry heads over to France to make nice for dissing the millions who marched for freedom and against Islamic murderers…and brings JAMES TAYLOR to warble “You’ve Got a Friend”. GTFO, right? Shameful as it is, it’s true. James. Taylor.

When anybody and EVERYBODY (including Obama, if he’d bother to read the entertainment section of the paper) KNOWS how to musically go STRAIGHT to EVERY Frenchmen’s…EVERY EUROPEAN’S (!!)…heart.

Yeah. The. Hoff.

And the whole of the Continent is eating fromage from your palm.

Mission accompli. DUH.


I feel a polka coming on!

ths update: In response to JeffS’s patent disappointment in the comments, here’s video of MORE protesters with different restraint accouterments being removed. :)

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