The Owner of the NY Jets Says He’s “In Over His Head”

Noooo, not obnoxious Rotund Rex Ryan (although a perfectly legitimate answer) ~ he meant OBAMA dealing with business.

We Are Officially The Soviet Union

I just went to the ShopRong to get some vittles, and they are completely out of Italian Sausage and deep dish pie shells.

Welcome to Barack’s Socialist Paradise.

Change You Can Believe In!

Via Insta here is the Number One reason why there needs to be a complete housecleaning in Washington

DOJ to America: we won’t reveal the circumstances under which you can be assassinated by us

Read the list, and weep.

And no, it won’t be accomplished by Ron Paul. I swear his campaign is being secretly funded by Soros to make every slur against conservatives seems a reality; he is the Left’s ideal Republican candidate. The current list of GOP candidates is frankly not very inspiring but any of them (except Grandpa Simpson) would be an improvement over Obama but the real key is getting control of the Senate.

If That’s Really What It Felt Like to Him…

like seeing her “bare-chested” in front of another man.

…when that Darth Vader sack had to come off because of an EMERGENCY C-SECTION and his religious foaming STILL goes ape-shit…

…He smashed open the locked door of the operating room and punched the woman in the face, telling her to replace his wife’s Islamic veil.

…BOTH of them need to re-think the whole Muslim thing through.

HER especially.

And this was in FRANCE, mind you.

In Afghanistan, Iran or some such other cheerfully hard-line Islamic country (Spring-like Egypt soon?), they would have just slit the nurse’s throat (had they allowed one at all), or simply (Allah’s will!) let the mother expire, since ~ conveniently for him ~ rape and forcing a 12 year-old cousin to marry one as a replacement spouse is an option.

Something From Ebola to Make Your Head


Nothing To See Here

Move right along

Finland has launched a probe after 69 surface-to-air Patriot missiles were found in a ship bound for the Chinese port city of Shanghai, police said.

“An investigation found 69 Patriot missiles, explosive material and propelling charges,” a police statement said.

The missiles, produced by US firm Raytheon, were discovered following a customs search on the British-registered Thor Liberty, owned by Danish firm Thorco, at the port of Kotka, about 120 kilometres (75 miles) from Helsinki.

I’m sure it’s just a delivery of fireworks that Clinton and Gore promised them years ago.

Of course, there are legal transports of weapons or defence material [through Finland] but in this case the cargo was marked as containing fireworks,” she told Finnish media. “That is quite unusual.”

See? Happy Farookin’ New Year!

Maybe It’s Me

But I find this really really hard to believe

FREDERICKSBURG, Ohio (AP) — A man cleaning his muzzle-loading rifle shot the gun into the air, accidentally killing a 15-year-old Amish girl driving a horse-drawn buggy more than a mile away, a sheriff said Tuesday.

Rachel Yoder was shot in the head Thursday night while traveling to her home in Wayne County, between Columbus and Akron. She had attended a Christmas party for employees, most of them under 18 years old, at an Amish produce farm and was riding home alone when she was shot, Wayne County sheriff’s Capt. Douglas Hunter said.

I feel such sadness for this family, as this girl’s mother was just killed in a crash a few weeks ago, but this seems…well, beyond odd.

“The Whole of Egypt is Crying.”

I wish I thought that was true. I have a feeling there’s a fair amount of even bigger bonfires and badda BOOMS planning going on if the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk take power.

Some Moments Are Worth Revisiting

This was merely a shining educational flash in a much longer Friedman/Donahue interview. If you have time, and can stomach both Donahue AND his evisceration at Uncle Miltie’s genial hands, do watch. It’s wonderful.

Is That A Smoked Turkey In Your Pocket?

Or are you just happy to see me?

Coming from his fly were eight bags of shrimp, eight rib-eye steaks, a package of smoked turkey and an undisclosed number of baby back ribs.

Ahoy There Mateys!

Or should I say Hefty Mateys!

SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – The United States Coast Guard has scaled back the maximum number of passengers allowed on a given ferry, resulting in a lower maximum capacity rate for commercial vessels such as the Savannah Belles Ferry.

…The aforementioned documents state that the final rule was passed to avoid any potential safety issues caused by the excessive strain of larger human cargo.

“The Coast Guard amends its regulations governing the maximum weight and number of passengers that may safely be permitted on board a vessel and other stability regulations, including increasing the Assumed Average Weight per Person … to 185 lb.,” the document states. “Updating regulations to more accurately reflect today’s average weight per person will maintain intended safety levels by accounting for this weight increase.”

why should ships have all the fun?

Now we’re “Titanic” too!

They Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Some amazing “new” pictures of The Battle of The Bulge.”

Ronery Guy Gone

…wherever such little asshole-types go when they go. How quick before you think Obama claims credit for covertly offing him?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dead at age 69

Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s mercurial and enigmatic longtime leader, has died of heart failure. He was 69.

(“Heart” failure? Have to have one first, for it to fail, eh?) Now it’s Rut-Roh Time, since Jr. Jr. Il’s in charge, who has NO experience doing anything other than coke lines, so he’s going to have to prove himself to Daddy’s generals, ‘ere he lose his heady (Or head?) position.

And as if on cue

N. Korea test fires short-range missile: report

North Korea test-fired a short-range missile off its east coast on Monday, the same day it announced the death of leader Kim Jong-Il, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said.

The agency quoted an unnamed government official as saying the missile launch was unrelated to the announcement that Kim had died Saturday of a heart attack.

Of COURSE it has nothing at ALL to do with it.

Thank GOD we have the BALLSY you-know-who in the White House in such perilous times. The same guy, the same PRESIDENT who, when pressed by Barbara Walters in an interview yesterday about whether Iraq was a victory…were our troops “victorious”…could NOT bring himself to utter that word.

Could. Not.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

In These Dangerous Times, Those Daily Moments of Quiet Reflection

…keep us out of the street.

CNN Is Reporting the last US Troops Have Crossed OUT of Iraq Into Kuwait

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

This will hang hard on Obama’s head, as long as I live ~ that we scuttled out of Dodge, like the f*cking loser HE is. Not one Iraqi official present as we lowered the colors, thanks to Obama. Not. One. Just rumpled-ass hounddog, basset-faced Panetta telling the last troops what a fine job they’d done. Rah-rah. Pack up and stumble on out.

God bless every soldier, sailor, airman, guardsman and Marine who served there, and left a piece of themselves ~ if not gave their sacred, most precious all ~ to give those people a purple fingered chance at freedom and civilized life. Oh, God bless them all!

The Iraqis now have to take it. Show they can shake off the yokes of devisive culture, tribalism and that damned hate-filled, misogynist religion that hangs likes a big black Hefty bag over every hope and dream that might spring from Hussein’s ouster.

I don’t think they have it in them. Their religion gives them the mechanism for too much evil to have too much power to resist in any ordinary fashion. And those who do circumvent the religious strictures that tamp the everyday person’s life into drudgery and danger do so by an accumulation of political power backed by firepower/thuggery. Corruption, too. It’s like an elixir of love to them and I don’t know that they, as a society, can take hold of such an ingrained, second-nature behaviour and shake free of it. Shoot. Ninety percent of the time, they don’t even understand the concept of “corruption” ~ you pay that guy, you’ve ALWAYS paid that guy, like your father and grandfather….

I worry that Moqtada al Sadr is sitting there like a fat, malevolent, rotten fanged snake: ready with his Mahdi Army to pick up where he left off after the US troops damn near put paid to his viciousness, and he lit out for Iran “to study.” A shining example of the Shiite sect’s finest scholars.

We should have killed him. Now the ugly, hateful little toad gets to murder, maim and maraude in the name of his religion again, with no one to rein him in. With God knows how many neighborhood copycats springing up.

There hasn’t been enough time for change to take root. The last vestiges of order leave with us. Any veneer of civilized behaviour leaves with us. I guarantee it. It’s only a question of the clock ticking.

UPDATE: I didn’t see this (Via Instapundit) before I went to bed, since Glenn posted it at a shade before midnight and I was still busy typing. But it goes to precisely why I was so morose when I saw everyone’s Twitter feeds and watched that inspiring ceremony on Fox at work.

Iraq political crisis erupts as last U.S. troops leave

Iraq’s political process was unraveling faster than had been anticipated Saturday, with Sunni politicians walking out of the nation’s parliament and threatening to resign from the government even before the last U.S. troops had left the country.

The crisis was triggered by reports that security forces loyal to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, are planning to arrest the country’s Sunni vice president, Tariq al-Hashimi, and charge him with terrorism.

Those reports have fueled fears among Sunni politicians that Maliki intends to further consolidate his grip on power by moving against his rivals now that U.S. troops have gone. In recent days, the homes of top Sunni politicians in the fortified Green Zone have been ringed by tanks and armored personnel carriers, and rumors are flying that arrest warrants will be issued for other Sunni leaders.

Oh, it’s gonna go great.

Basically a “Piss Off”

And BRAVO to them for sticking to their guns!

Air Force Will Not Remove Holiday Display

Travis Air Force Base has decided they will not remove or relocate a Nativity scene and a Menorah in spite of a threat from The Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

“While we appreciate the concerns raised by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Office of the Air Force Judge Advocate General, upon review, concluded the inclusion of a Wing Chaplain sponsored Nativity Scene and Menorah as part of a broader, secular holiday seasonal display does not violate the establishment clause of the United States Constitution,” read a statement provided to Fox News & Commentary.

The MRFF had threatened to sue Travis Air Force Base unless they removed or relocated the holiday display currently located on a major thoroughfare at the military installation.

Imagine that! Baby Jesus gets to hang around in a manger for Christmas.

The world will probably end.

All You WHINERS About the Incandescents That Almost Vamoosed?

Yahoo!’s little blogger says STFU ~ Everything Hunky Dory Better, in an article before the ban was delayed.

The Truth About the New Light Bulb Law

Another Convert to the Church of

“Color Me Shocked”?

Not really. He ~ saintly figure that he presents ~ is just pissed what he encouraged flipped so easily on him when they were no longer the city’s darlings.

Occupy Group Faults Church, a Onetime Ally

For months, they were the best of neighbors: the slapdash champions of economic equality, putting down stakes in an outdoor plaza, and the venerable Episcopal parish next door, whose munificence helped sustain the growing protest.

But in the weeks since Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, relations between the demonstrators and Trinity Wall Street, a church barely one block from the New York Stock Exchange, have reached a crossroads.

The displaced occupiers had asked the church, one of the city’s largest landholders, to hand over a gravel lot, near Canal Street and Avenue of the Americas, for use as an alternate campsite and organizing hub. The church declined, calling the proposed encampment “wrong, unsafe, unhealthy and potentially injurious.”

And now the Occupy movement, after weeks of targeting big banks and large corporations, has chosen Trinity, one of the nation’s most prominent Episcopal parishes, as its latest antagonist.

“We need more; you have more,” one protester, Amin Husain, 36, told a Trinity official on Thursday, during an impromptu sidewalk exchange between clergy members and demonstrators. “We are coming to you for sanctuary.”

Trinity’s rector, the Rev. James H. Cooper, defended the church’s record of support for the protesters, including not only expressions of sympathy, but also meeting spaces, resting areas, pastoral services, electricity, bathrooms, even blankets and hot chocolate. But he said the church’s lot — called Duarte Square — was not an appropriate site for the protesters, noting that “there are no basic elements to sustain an encampment.”

Trinity has probably done as much or more for the protesters than any other institution in the area,” Mr. Cooper wrote on his parish Web site. “Calling this an issue of ‘political sanctuary’ is manipulative and blind to reality. Equating the desire to seize this property with uprisings against tyranny is misguided, at best.

Hyperbolic distortion drives up petition signatures, but doesn’t make it right.

Yeah, REALLY! Save that “hyperbole”, hyperventilating crap for when it’s against other them people, ’cause it’s booshit against me, yo!

Put those bitten, PANDERING puddies back in your pants pocket, Padre.

Spam Of The Day

you’re failing again lol even a monkey can do it

RIP Christopher Hitchens

A strong voice has gone silent.

Quote Of The Day

The ever-brilliant Ace on the muted reaction to the “end” of the Iraq War

No ticker-tape parade, huh?

We’re just going to treat these guys as embarrassing relatives simply because some people disagreed with the war?

If I Have This Right… Occupy layabouts can squat in cities for four months, defecating, raping, and stabbing, but our troops can’t occupy a canyon of heroes from 10am to 2 pm?

The Most Famous Reindeer Of All


Mind you, I’ve always been partial to Vixen…

Be Careful

…how you celebrate that historic IU win over Kentucky…or congratulate friends.

Time to Pull the Old “Sgt. Schulz” Routine?

Could be deliciously funny, in a “got ya, you smarmy bastard” kinda way.

MF’s Corzine Said to Know of Customer Fund Misuse

The regulatory arm of CME Group has turned over interviews to the Justice Department that allege former MF Global chief Jon Corzine knew that the now-bankrupt brokerage firm used customer money to lend to a European affiliate, a CME executive said on Tuesday.

The information is fourth-hand but is the strongest statement yet from a regulator that Corzine may have personally known customer funds were diverted for firm use.

“Because of Jon Corzine…” **snicker**

I Remember “The Best of Times”

…and am pretty sure the world-wide acknowleged genius in the White House has us going nowhere close to anything like that in the near future. Seems my chipper mood is catching!

Most Economists Expect Another Global Recession

So acute are the risks that few economists are now willing to bet heavily against another global recession in 2012. By common consent, the world economic outlook is much darker today than it appeared in the early autumn.

…And that grim assessment is shared by economists in the private sector. As Goldman Sachs marked down its latest forecasts, Jan Hatzius, its chief U.S. economist, said that growth was being held back in many developed economies by higher taxes and efforts to pay back household and corporate debt. “That combination is likely to see another two years of sub-par growth in the major advanced economies, extending into 2013,” he argued.

I’m guessing this Hatzius fellow hasn’t spoken to fellow Obama supergenius crony Paul Krugman about the beneficial effect of out-the-ass taxation, therefore we can discount the import of his opinion immediately.

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