All I Know Is, major dad Brings Home a Busty Blonde from the Winn Dixie?

I don’t care WHAT the “law” says.

I can GUAR-AN-DAMN-TEE you, my reaction makes the front page of the next day’s paper.

Federal judge declares Utah polygamy law unconstitutional
District court ruling finds key parts of Utah polygamy laws unconstitutional.

A U.S. District Court judge has sided with the polgyamous Brown family, ruling that key parts of Utah’s polygamy laws are unconstitutional.

Judge Clark Waddoups’ 91-page ruling, issued Friday, sets a new legal precedent in Utah, effectively decriminalizing polygamy. It is the latest development in a lawsuit filed by the family of Kody Brown, who became famous while starring in cable TV channel TLC’s reality series “Sister Wives.” The show entered a fourth season at the end of the summer.

Waddoups’ ruling attacks the parts of Utah’s law making cohabitation illegal. In the introduction, Waddoups says the phrase “or cohabits with another person” is a violation of both the First and 14th amendments. Waddoups later writes that while there is no “fundamental right” to practice polygamy, the issue really comes down to “religious cohabitation.” In the 1800s — when the mainstream LDS Churh still practiced polygamy — “religious cohabitation” in Utah could have actually resulted in “multiple purportedly legal marriages.” Today, however, simply living together doesn’t amount to being “married,” Waddoups writes.

He can religiously co-habitate with whoever he wants. He’s got a four-door sedan. LOTS of room.

Auguries Say: Implosion Impending


As usual, it’s hard to tell just what’s going on inside the administration regarding Obamacare, but I don’t think we can really take the steps announced by HHS yesterday as anything but a bright, red, flashing warning light about the internal expectations regarding January.

Some of what they announced is frankly bizarre and slightly crazy. Beside extending the high-risk pool program (which isn’t nuts, just a strong indication that they’re not ready for January at this very late stage), they are asking insurers to pay claims for consumers who haven’t paid their premiums, to treat out-of-network doctors and hospitals as though they were in-network, and to pay for prescription drugs not actually covered by the plans they offer.

The administration is trying to present this as a set of perfectly ordinary kind of transition measures that insurers normally make available to new customers, and some of the more reliable members of their amen chorus on Obamacare have echoed that. But that’s not what this looks like to me, and a few conversations today suggest it’s not what it looks like to the insurers.

To “strongly encourage” insurers to take these kinds of steps (to use the Orwellian phrase of the HHS announcement), and to do it just a couple of weeks before the new system is supposed to start, suggests that the administration’s health experts mapped out how January is shaping up and had a collective heart attack

Great Take from “The Atlantic” on the Budget Deal

…with a Boehner Vine .gif to boot.

We Need Another Pivot

So You Trot Out THE FACTS and Gorebal Warming Types Can Only Answer…


Global warming skeptic buries Sierra Club director under avalanche of facts [VIDEO]

Marc Morano, a global warming skeptic and the editor of, fought the climate sob stories peddled by Sierra Club Director Michael Brune with cold, hard facts on CNN Tuesday night.

“‘Global weirding’ is nothing more than a pseudoscience expression,” he said on Don Lemon’s “11th Hour,” pushing back against Lemon’s contention that the “extreme” cold weather wracking much of the country is a symptom of climate change.

“So record cold is now evidence of man-made global warming,” Morano said sarcastically. “What evidence would disprove climate change? It seems that no matter the weather, everything that happens proves it.”

And then the Warmener goes right on to prove that point.

As Resident Druid, Even I Know WHY We Have “The Season” and Am Delighted By It

The ad in question is for a LOCAL CATHOLIC children’s pediatric foundation, no less.

ESPN should suck a thousand angry stones. Cast a few, if you’re so inclined.

How Do You Sign “Irony” In Afrikaans?

Given all the frauds he was “interpreting” for this is very fitting, it seems to me

JOHANNESBURG (AP) – A man who provided sign language interpretation on stage for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, attended by scores of heads of state, was a “fake,” the national director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa said on Tuesday.

… Three sign language experts said the man was not signing in South African or American sign languages. South African sign language covers all of the country’s 11 official languages, according to the federation. It wasn’t immediately clear if the unidentified man was using a different method to communicate.

The unidentified man seen around the world on television next to leaders like U.S. President Barack Obama “was moving his hands around but there was no meaning in what he used his hands for,” said Bruno Druchen, the federation’s national director.

But give the guy a break: have you ever tried to make sense of an Obama speech to someone else?

Bump And Rind

Via my old commuting buddy Tim they’ve finally created a bacon product that I just don’t see myself eating.

I mean, really.

A Nice Ensnowification

Nanook Ferry Service



I KNEW Someone’d Be Keeping Count For Me!

I Did Not Know This

No wonder I particularly like the French stuff…

Champagne widows stamped grand legacy on wine

REIMS, France – For Champagne to become the tipple it is today — popped at weddings, quaffed in casinos, sprayed by racing drivers and smashed against ships — a few men had to die.

Not just any old men. Young ones married to clever young women.

Without the widows of Champagne, mankind’s most seductive fizz might well not be what it is now. One of the world’s most famous Champagnes — Veuve (“Widow”) Clicquot — explicitly evokes the rather grim tradition. But other legendary houses — Bollinger, Laurent-Perrier and Pommery — also got their starts from tragedy-tinged widows. Then there are the many lesser-known names that still carry the widow tag, such as Veuve Fourny and Veuve Doussot.

From its bottle shape to its taste, color, labeling and even marketing, Champagne owes its uniqueness to a series of widows from the early 19th century who used the sometimes mysterious deaths of their husbands to enter the male-dominated business world. The widows became so successful that dozens of Champagnes added “Veuve” to their names even though no widow ran the house — just for its mystique and marketing value.

“Champagne is the story of widows,” said Francois Godard, scion of Veuve Godard et Fils Champagne house. “Women who lost their husbands, and then outshone the men.”

Widowhood gave these figures an independent social status in France. Unlike other women — who were the property of a father or a husband — only a widow could become a CEO.

“In the 19th century … if you’re not married you’re dependent on your father, you can’t have a bank account and you can’t pay staff. If you are married you are reliant on your husbands,” explained Fabienne Moreau, Veuve Clicquot’s archivist. “Only a widow can take this position as head of a company.”

…Widow Lilly Bollinger sealed the industry’s feminist reputation in 1941, when she took the reins from her deceased husband and rapidly expanded Bollinger internationally over three decades to the prominence it enjoys.

Bollinger was known for her bubbly wit.

I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it,” she once said, “unless I’m thirsty.

A True Christmas Miracle

Not being the gullible type I can scarcely believe this actually happened but I can vouch for it because, Dear Readers, it actually happened to me:

I went to Costco yesterday to buy “just one thing” and that’s all I actually bought.

The End Is Well Nigh.

Make It Better

via Sheila on FB, this just defines awesome: Tom Jones and Wilson Pickett

You can tell they just are having a blast and enjoy the hell out of each other.

God Bless Them, Every One

Party Friday In The City


Casting A Long Shadow

This just seems appropriate today

A Foggy Day In Hudson Town


Had me low and had me down…

To Show Just How “In a Bubble” the Asshat in the White House and His Gang O’ Thieves Are

…they’re entreating PEOPLE WHO DEPEND ON TIPS for a LIVING to sell that steaming pile of dog poopie to tipsy folks (Thinking maybe they’ll only hear half of the ‘good deal’ they’re getting boned by, eh?), since the President himself couldn’t talk a sober soul into buying.

Yeah. THAT’S gonna happen when you belly up to the bar.

Obama calls on bartenders to host happy hours for Obamacare

During today’s White House Youth Summit, President Obama called on young people to do whatever they can to promote his signature health care law — including plying their customers with cheap booze.

“If you are a bartender, have a happy hour,” Obama said as the crowd laughed. “And also probably get health insurance because a lot of people don’t have it.”

I’m so over the joke. Where’s the REAL president?

Spam Of The Day

Trainer Purses In every chapter So that you can position a nightclub, attach only two types of supports inside your front door frame, only to find they undertake devote a rather simple arrangement per error in judgement a free waiting. Depending on the specific features because of this laptop computer, it appears that a laptop could be gathered while using less than consideration. Your personal ipod touching will undoubtedly be included relating to problem involved with unintended degeneration, this too that features the liquid splatters, and additionally decrease in combination with fraud.

I’m always uncomfortable in a situation that may involve personal ipod touching.

I’m such a prude.

I Decided To Cast Around For New Ideas

Actually, I decided to start cooking in cast iron





A little story about that pan. It’s a 12″ Lodge pan (which, btw, gives you a hint of just how ginormous the strips from Costco are) that I got pre-seasoned a few years ago. About 3 years ago Daughter had a few friends over for an ethnic food project in High School and they decided to make churros, and as of course they needed a decent frying pan they used the cast iron. No worries, and the churros came out damn good for a batch made by a gringa, a philippina and a hindu. But I digress. Anywho, I came home from work and Daughter, bless her wonderful sweet caring heart, had cleaned up after she and her friends had cooked in the kitchen. She had wiped off the stove, cleaned off the counter, put away all the ingredients, and had PUT THE CAST IRON PAN TO SOAK IN HOT SOAPY WATER IN THE SINK.

I do love her, I really do.

But needless to say this pan has had a tough childhood as you can see by the first photo. But what the hey, I wiped it out, added a little oil and got her cranking. The new york strip I generously seasoned with salt and pepper and let come to room temperature. You may not be able to tell but she was almost 2″ thick.

Once the oil got hot enough I plopped her down and she just sizzled away. 5 minutes on one side, then flipped for another 5, and then really I flipped her again for nearly another 5. Lots of smoke produced, but oh my god, the saltypeppery crust was crispily divine.

It may well be one of the finest steaks I’ve ever cooked, and I have cooked a lot of steaks.

The pan, well I stripped her a bit and she is in the oven being re-seasoned as we speak, as I reckon she is going to be getting a lot of use from now on.

Video Of The Year

I can not imagine what this poor man went through for three days 100′ under the ocean in a capsized tugboat

LAGOS, Nigeria – About 100 feet down, on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, divers had already pulled four bodies out of the sunken tugboat. Then a hand appeared on a TV screen monitoring the recovery.

Everyone assumed it was another corpse, and the diver moved toward it.

“But when he went to grab the hand, the hand grabbed him!” Tony Walker, project manager for the Dutch company DCN Diving, said of the rescue in May.

Harrison Odjegba Okene, the tug’s Nigerian cook, had survived for three days by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket.

The scene where he grabs his hand comes right out of a horror movie. Good god, I would need to get my wetsuit cleaned…

The Mouse That Snored

Drugged parachuting mice go for the kill versus the brown snakes

They floated down from the sky Sunday – 2,000 mice, wafting on tiny cardboard parachutes over Andersen Air Force Base in the U.S. territory of Guam.

But the rodent commandos didn’t know they were on a mission: to help eradicate the brown tree snake, an invasive species that has caused millions of dollars in wildlife and commercial losses since it arrived a few decades ago.

That’s because they were dead. And pumped full of painkillers.

… But brown tree snakes have an Achilles’ heel: Tylenol.

For some reason, the snakes are almost uniquely sensitive to acetaminophen, the active ingredient in the ubiquitous over-the-counter painkiller. If you can get a tree snake to eat just 80 milligrams, you can kill it. That’s only about one-sixth of a standard pill – pigs, dogs and other similarly sized animals would have to eat about 500 of them to get into any trouble.

Sounds like the plot of a bad Donald Sutherland movie from the 60s.

Prepare to Defile Your ‘Puter Screen

Warned you, I did.

Standards Of Class And Dignity

Someone around here has to maintain them


Decorate With Pumpkins

All the cool kids are doing it


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