While I like Senator Santorum…

I had to ask myself WTF was he thinking in backing Specter? Strategy, I suppose, but he must have known that Specter is anything but loved on the conservative side of the Republican Party.Is it coming home to roost? I would hate to see Santorum booted out, but at what point are the R’s going to stop taking the conservatives for granted? We need moderates in the Party, no doubt, but I don’t see Specter as a worthy cause for a conservative R to stake his seat on.

6 Responses to “While I like Senator Santorum…”

  1. Damn right you need us! {8^P
    But Spector is a camera hogging, despicable, self aggrandizing blowhard. He needs a smack down badbadbad.

  2. Crusader says:

    For all those reasons, Specter should have been shown the door, but instead, they turned their back on Tooney, and it may well be that Santorum pays for it, and much as I like him, I have mixed feelings about it. We have plenty of centrist Rs, but few ‘true’ conservative Rs left, and one of them may have to suffer to get the point across. Where is Jesse when we need him! (Just for you, THS.) 8^P

  3. ACK!!!!” she says, grasping her chest as her pulmonary system collapses at the horror of the thought.
    On a lighter note, Jesse’s daughter Jane is a lovely, lovely woman. She bought the very first framed print of the boat I ever sold. That sale gave me the get up and go courage, art wise. I’ll always have an enormous soft spot in my heart for her.

  4. Crusader says:

    You love Jesse, you just won’t accept it….hehe.

  5. I don’t miss him much. We’ve still got Robert Byrd around…

  6. Crusader says:

    Byrd, the patron saint of WV (or so you would think due to all the things named after him in the state), should be the poster boy for term limits.

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