“Saturday night, all I heard was 12 cracks in a row.”

So said 78 year old WW2 vet Dale Davis, who on Saturday night bowled his first perfect 300 game. Oh, by the way, he’s blind

A perfect game. The most difficult achievement a bowler can accomplish.
It’s even more impressive when a blind World War II veteran does it.
That was the scene at Saturday evening’s All-League Playoffs at Century Lanes in Alta. Dale Davis, just three months from his 79th birthday, his sight stolen years ago by macular degeneration, rolled 12 consecutive strikes in front of an enthusiastic and supportive crowd. The effort was the first-ever 300 game at Century.
“It was quite a thrill,” Davis said of the achievement. “When I got to the tenth frame, I said ‘Lord, let me throw three more good balls.’ When I did, people on other teams were yelling and cheering. A few guys were hugging me and almost broke my skinny bones.”
With his neatly combed back hair and 115-pound frame, Davis is proud of the fact he still uses the heaviest ball available, explaining that he and his ball “weigh over 130 pounds together.”

God bless him.

4 Responses to ““Saturday night, all I heard was 12 cracks in a row.””

  1. nightfly says:

    So, this is probably the least important thing about this news, but it must be noted: a blind WWII vet bowled 8 times better than Obama-rama.
    Mr. Davis could probably govern 8 million times better, too, but he’s got more important stuff to do.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Also, Mr. Davis can see more clearly than Obama.

  3. Gunslinger says:

    Hell, I could bowl better at five years old than Obama. But I sure as hell never shot a perfect game let alone blind.
    My hats off to Mr. Davis for his service and his bowling milestone.

  4. Dave J says:

    78 would mean he was born in 1930. He fought in WWII at the age of…15? Or younger?

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