20 Minutes Worth Your Time

If you’ve never heard of David Freiheit, he’s a lawyer from Montreal. He vlogs under the moniker “Viva Frei,” which is where Ebola and I came to be acquainted with him, as part of the Kyle Rittenhouse panel Nick Rekieta put together during the trial. The guys and gal were DYNAMIC in their commentaries as it progressed, and Frei really stood out as one of the leaders.

Fast forward to the Freedom Convoy landing in Ottawa. Frei listened to what the CBC, etc, had to say, what he was hearing from people on the ground with the truckers IN Ottawa proper, decided accounts were diametrically opposing, and took it upon himself to slide over to see what was actually going on. He live streamed 3 or 4 hours a day for (I think) almost a week, putting lie to the Trudeau government and their captive national media’s narrative almost immediately.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News had him on last night, and this 21 minute segment of the evening’s interview is really interesting.


(Note: it’s a Rumble link, which WordPress does not like, and REFUSES to embed)

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