How Do You Say “Cheeky” In Mandarin?

I mean I guess the Chinese are feeling a little put-out since they got used to their friends in the Clinton Administration just sending them the information( in exchange for meals at Buddhist Temples, naturally)

China called on the United States Thursday to provide information about its shooting down of a defunct US spy satellite and voiced caution about the potential international impact of the operation.
“China is continuing to closely follow the possible harm caused by the US action to outer space security and relevant countries,” foreign ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said when asked for a reaction to the shootdown.
“China further requests that the US fulfill its international obligations in earnest and promptly provide to the international community the necessary information and relevant data… so that relevant countries can take precautions.”

“Take precautions”. Uh-huh. As in “build a missile system just like this or better if we can” precautions.

But the operation had raised concerns elsewhere that the United States was trying to test an anti-satellite weapon, amid rising global tensions about the militarisation of space.

Um, noooo, we “weren’t trying to test an anti-satellite weapon”; we successfully demonstrated an anti-satellite weapon, hence the posturing. And thank God it worked.

Aw, Man

1 of 2 F-15 pilots rescued in Gulf of Mexico dies
Pair of single-seat fighters likely collided during training, Air Force says

Eglin’s local. And we were tickled when we’d heard they’d pulled both them out of the Gulf. We thought, “Alrighty, then. Got ’em both.”
Our thoughts and sympathies are with that brave Eagle’s family.
Thank you.

Moon Disappearing!

Gaia very very angry with us!
Must pray to powerful shaman to get it back!

A Plot to Bump His Pudginessness Off?

You can bet his rotten teeth it’s not just because of the ‘ending the ceasefire’ threat.

I’m inclined to believe it may also have something to do with being close to getting his sheepskin

Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is quietly resuming seminary studies toward attaining the title of ayatollah — a goal that could make the firebrand cleric and his Mahdi Army an even more formidable power broker in Iraq.

That would be a robe of a different color. I wonder if he got the message?

The Dunkin’ Donut Chocolate Creme Filled Award of the Day Goes To….

…one of the comments at HotAir.
While the Messiah and Mrs. serve it up thick (and in the cultural/regional patois du jour), an astute question (“If he is the Kwisatz Haderach, then is his name a killing word? That should help with his credibility on national security.“) leads to the donut moment

“Tell me of your home, Muad’Dib.”

We All Laughed When They Called Chimpy Hitler

Well, Heil! Heil! Heil! Who’s got the last laugh now?

You see, our current history is what it is because events played out as we learned them in Social Studies classes. But Codemasters and developer Spark Unlimited have created a scenario in which our history takes a detour in 1931, and the different outcome for this particular event—where Winston Churchill is struck by New York cab in 1931 and then dies instead of going on to lead England in its challenge of Adolf Hitler—alters the course of history that we’ve been following. In this new path, Hitler isn’t defeated in World War II, but rather sweeps over Europe mostly unchallenged. America isn’t drawn into the war by the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, but instead is pulled into the conflict much later when Germany invades New York…in 1953.

I’m tired of shooting aliens; I want to kill me some Nazis.

I’m Just Saying ~ If Your Life’s an Unabashed Trainwreck

…is channeling Marilyn Monroe a good thing? Last I heard, things ended badly there…

Even Those Among Us Who Worship Rocks, Trees

…and the destructive power of the thrown lightening bolt ( or judicious curse/hex laying ) can get behind the Reverend on this one.

“Children should learn science in science class, not religion disguised as science,” said the Rev. Brant Copeland, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee. “To speak of evolution as a theory in the context of these standards is to minimize its importance as the basic concept in biological science; because, as a Christian, I am not threatened by what science can tell us about God’s marvelous, mysterious and every-changing creation.

“Oh, AMEN!” sings the choir.

It’s a wonderful day when Floridians can look as retarded ignorant as a hardline Islamic state or the Kansas school board.

Sleep Little Fluffy

Do not click on this link unless you have many hours of your life to waste.
You’ll thank me.

Just One More Reason to Be Glad You’re Living


A frog the size of a bowling ball, with heavy armor and teeth, lived among dinosaurs millions of years ago — intimidating enough that scientists who unearthed its fossils dubbed the beast Beelzebufo, or Devil Toad.
But its size — 10 pounds and 16 inches long — isn’t the only curiosity. Researchers discovered the creature’s bones in Madagascar. Yet it seems to be a close relative of normal-sized frogs who today live half a world away in South America, challenging assumptions about ancient geography.

I mean, if the frog’s that big, what size were the mosquitos?

In Their Defense, All That Wang Doodles Writing

looks the same. Even NBA players get the wrong tattoos and, Lord knows, they’ve got more money than the FDA.

FDA looks at wrong plant in China
U.S. health officials evaluated the wrong factory when assessing the safety of a Chinese-made drug ingredient that may be a source of problems with a blood thinner, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.
…The Chinese manufacturer was not inspected because it was confused with another company in the agency’s database with a similar name, said Joseph Famulare, deputy director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research’s compliance department…

Always, ALWAYS, take your time choosing a translator. Otherwise…

In January 2005, Tom Braman of GovTech News blog pointed out that, for its website, Seattle was paying “a California company, Systran, about $6,000 a year for use of [machine] translation software that takes the English version and currently allows people to view it in Russian, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian.”
Nonetheless, on the official state website for Seattle Secretary of State Sam Reed, his name was “Swampy Weed Reed” in a bungled Chinese translation. The line “Reed proposes statewide mandates to restore public trust” was translated into Chinese as “Swampy weed suggests whole state order recover open trust.” The same line in Korean: “A plant reed proposes national mandate to recover public property trust.”

BABELfish, indeed.

Normally I Enjoy This Whacko Feature

…in my treasured (Yes, TREASURED! THERE. I SAID it!) Sunday New York Times, but they let some pretentious twit idiot in this week.

I Married a Republican: There, I Said It

A story of the soul searching and shame and subterfuge endured marrying a fellow of a different stripe while inhabiting her airy Huffingpo world. Like “one sheet” being a White House plot and Mary Travers’ graciousness in the face of forced GOP cell ingestion, my hinky little Sunday bonbon of escapism has been tainted with smug Leftie angst. Blech.
Instead of being overcome with empathetic feelings for her plight, ALL I could do is wonder WHY TF he was STILL married to her. She seems a shallow, churlish person: all rent and racked with guilt, self loathing and communal queasiness stemming from her mate, who sounds like a pretty together guy.
Dude. Read the paper. I say “dump her”.
But I’m churlish that way.

Congratulations, Clarence and Mayme

You’ve been married a glorious 83 years

Clarence, 101, and Mayme Vail, 99, celebrated their 83rd anniversary Sunday, possibly making them the longest married couple alive in the United States.
Married in 1925, they almost didn’t make it to their 25th anniversary. When Clarence became critically ill with tuberculosis in 1948, Mayme made a promise to God that if her husband survived, she would attend mass every day — a promise she kept until last year when health issues forced them to move into an assisted-living center.

Now that is a life sentence, friends.
God bless them. 1925…man.
And I want a piece of their gene pool:

There was no shortage of people to attend the Vails’ anniversary party. Their family includes six children, 39 grandchildren, 101 great-grandchildren and 40 great-great grandchildren. Mayme Vail’s “kid” sister was there, too. She’s only 98.

So often you read of folks this age having outlived their children and grandchildren; not these folks. Amazing. Must be all that cheese and canned goods.

Yes We Can…Pick Up the World’s Bartab

A Special Guest Blogger Post From Ebola
….I had respect for Obama. That just ended.
I had respect for him right up until I read the bill (and then researched) he sponsored that basically authorizes a .7% GNP tax on the US by the UN and subsequent agreement to a number of protocols and conventions. You won’t find the wording in the bill itself. Instead, you’ll find the trail of crumbs in the bill to the block of cheddar: the United Nations Millennium Project and it’s Development Goals (for a more enticing view of EXACTLY what this is). Obama has sponsored and is pushing for this bill to pass the senate (it’s already passed the house, because apparently not a one of our representatives can f*cking read the shit they’re voting on. Good job guys.).
The bill mandates that the US, through the governorship of the president, will meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. No big deal right? Well, let’s read what the MGD actually says, eh?

“Strategy- The President, acting through the Secretary of State, and in consultation with the heads of other appropriate departments and agencies of the Government of the United States, international organizations, international financial institutions, the governments of developing and developed countries, United States and international nongovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, and other appropriate entities, shall develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.”

The declaration commits nations to ban small arms and weapons, ratifying a series of treaties including the International Criminal Court treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, the Convention on Biological Diversity. Hell, we’ve poured over four trillion dollars into welfare in the last forty some odd years and our own local “war on poverty”. Jesus, look at how ineffective that has been, and we don’t have warlords stealing shit on top of bankers and government officials. Are you people stupid? Does no one research anything on their presidential candidate or read bills in congress anymore?! God damn it makes me furious. I read bills (A great site, go us!), and I still missed this one. It was pointed out to me by a friend (with a few unsupported issues) but regardless, I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay a global tax when we can’t solve poverty domestically. .7% of our GDP hits about $78 billion a year.
Not to mention this bill makes it an additional statement. That means $78 billion, PLUS the billions we’re already paying (wastefully in most cases, look at Palestine) in foreign aid. Then add in that we’re giving it to the UN. Who, last year, approved saying self defense is…NOT a right. F*ck the UN. And taxing me and everyone else to pay for the rest of the world when we can’t maintain ourselves.
Saying we’re helping places like Africa is all nice and cooey, but how about reading this interview of a Kenyan economist. Give money to the UN, and that money ain’t goin where you think.
A good write up on it here.
Don’t even get me started on the fact that this is coming from a presidential front runner.

Pop Quiz

Which costs the US taxpayer more: The entire US military establishment, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or benefits for elderly citizens?
For 2007 total military related expenses were a tad over $626 billion.
Total benefits to the elderly were $952 billion.
And the Boomer Boom is just starting folks.
As horrible as the Republicans have been with the budget, and they have been scandalously disgraceful, can we really afford the Democrats?


these guys.

Saudi Arabia to execute woman for ‘witchcraft’
…The Saudi court cited an instance in which a man allegedly became impotent after being bewitched by Falih, the rights group said.
An appeals court ruled in September 2006 that Falih could not be sentenced to death for witchcraft because she had retracted her confession. But a lower court subsequently reissued the death sentence for the

benefit of “public interest” and to “protect the creed, souls and property of this country,”

the group’s statement said.

So let’s just whack the little lady because it’s good for public morale. As far as an Saudi/Islamic man and impotence goes, everyone knows limpness has to be a woman’s fault. Why do you think they promise them 72 virgins instead of 3 and a blue pill? Because they got the goods, man. For a more benign example with the same privileged, Islamic male excuse:

Breast kisser sentenced
ST. JOHN’S — An Iranian man studying in Newfoundland has been sentenced to three months in jail for kissing a woman on her breast while the two were sharing an elevator. Farhood Azarsina, 25, pleaded guilty last week to sexual assault. Mr. Azarsina, a PhD student in engineering at Memorial University, admitted kissing the top of the woman’s breast while the two were on an elevator at the St. John’s school on Sept. 27.
…Judge Orr said the fact the assault took place in an elevator, an enclosed space, added to the trauma.
Mr. Azarsina said he didn’t realize the seriousness of the offence in this country.

You can’t expect all males to control themselves when the breasts are out,” he said.

No, by God, you can’t. Catmeat IS catmeat and, if catmeat calls, you need to be ready. That’s why it’s necessary to whack witches who wimp your wang.

St. Cindy’s Latest Cause

The Muslim Brotherhood

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan joined a protest Wednesday seeking the support of Egypt’s first lady in ending a military trial of members of the country’s largest Islamic organization.
Under the watchful eyes of dozens of black-clad and helmeted anti-riot police, some 50 heavily veiled wives and children of 40 senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood detained for the past year, gathered in front of the headquarters of first lady Suzanne Mubarak’s National Council Women carrying banners calling for their release.
“I am here to protest the trial of civilians in front of a military tribunal as this is a violation to international law,” said Sheehan, who gained fame in the U.S. for her sit-in outside President Bush’s Texas ranch following the death of her son in Iraq.
“As a mother of a son who was killed in the war, I presented a letter to Ms. Suzanne Mubarak to realize how those women and children are suffering.”

Feel the absolute moral authority.
I mean, I’m sure she’s referring to the suffering of of women under fundamentalist Islam, like her sisters in Basra, right?

Just Whose Border Is It


U.S. border officers found a wire between two fences along the U.S.-Mexican border that, when stretched taut, could have seriously harmed or even decapitated Border Patrol agents, Congress was told Wednesday.

Puh-Raise Jeebus

Prescription medicine ran out this morning, so now I’m drinking again!
Our long national nightmare has ended.
Shoot, I think I’ll go write a calm reasoned response in the Abe Thread now.

The Manchurian Brides

Chairman Mao had a novel way to ease China’s population boom

MAO Zedong proposed sending 10 million Chinese women to the United States, in talks with top envoy Henry Kissinger in 1973, according to documents released by the US State Department.
The Chinese dictator said he believed such emigration could kick-start bilateral trade but could also “harm” the US with a population explosion similar to China’s, according to documents covering US-China ties between 1973 and 1976.
In a long conversation that stretched past midnight at Mao’s residence on February 17, 1973, a cigar-smoking Mao referred to the dismal trade between the two countries, saying China was a “very poor country” and “what we have in excess is women”.

Hey, at least they wouldn’t have been covered with lead paint…

BeauBeau and Ozzie

…revel in the thrilling and historic Beagle Westminster Victory.

Danes And Other Europeans Standing Up For Freedom

Several papers across Europe have reprinted these cartoons following the arrest of several Presbyterians who were plotting to kill have a chat with one of the cartoonists. Shockingly, once again CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all wimp out and show none of the images.

The ArchIdjit of Canterbury was unavailable for comment.

A Newly Discovered Poem By Chaucer

Found in an abandoned dumpster in, of all places, Iowa

Not Because They’re WRONG to Begin With, Mind You

But because everybody’s YELLING AT THEM!!!

Berkeley Mulls New Vote on Marines
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) – Officials in this liberal city may soften their anti-recruitment stance toward the U.S. Marines in the face of widespread criticism.
The Berkeley City Council drew a deluge of disapproval nationwide in January when it voted to advise the Marines that their downtown recruitment office was not welcome and that they would be considered “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” if they chose to stay.

ENOUGH , already!!!!

What the Article Fails to Mention

…is that the majority of those workers arrested were using stolen SSN’s (mostly children’s). Victimless crime my ass-cienda.

…”Hate is growing in our community,” said Grace Resendez McCaffery of Pensacola. “The Latin community is outraged. They’re seeing this community reverting to a time of intolerance of people of color. We just don’t want to see that happen.”
…”The government does not consider that these families come here so their children can get a better education,” Essert said. “They come for a better life. Sometimes they just send back the father or the mother, and here are the kids without their father or mother.
“It tears my heart. A lot of them have been here for years and years, and still they cannot get citizenship.”

I don’t think she’s going to gerner much support or sympathy with that line of reasoning. Especially since this trial conclusion made the same paper…

Restaurateur found guilty
Local restaurateur convicted on drug conspiracy charges
A jury found a 35-year-old Gulf Breeze restaurateur guilty Monday of drug conspiracy and other charges.
After six hours of deliberation, the jury found Rogelio Galvan Chavez guilty of conspiracy to possess or distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine and 500 grams or more of methamphetamine; harboring illegal immigrants; using a cellular telephone in the commission of an unlawful act; and a firearms charge.
…Authorities from local, state and federal agencies undertook a 10-month investigation that culminated in December with accusations that Galvan Chavez presided over a network of illegal immigrants who peddled drugs and firearms throughout Northwest Florida.

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