” And Crispin Crispian Shall Ne’er Go By”

From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

At Agincourt this date in 1415.

David Spade Is a Sleaze

Even more so for pimping out his dead buddy for a Direct TV commercial. Who in the SamHell ever thought seeing Spade interact with the currently very dead Chris Farley would make someone order their service? Spade must be out of work and living in a van…well…down by the river.

NorthWorst Disorient Strikes Again

I guess the pilot and co-pilot had sleeper seats

Military jets stood by as NWA pilots, apparently distracted, didn’t respond to controllers for 75 minutes.

Brent Bjorlin and his fellow airline passengers didn’t have a clue something had gone wrong at 37,000 feet until federal officials with badges and guns boarded the Northwest plane after it landed in the Twin Cities on Wednesday night.

As passengers prepared to leave, flight attendants told them to sit back down, Bjorlin said. Eventually, he and the others filed out, walking past security officials standing outside the closed cockpit door and still others on the jetway and at the gate.

“It looked like it was a big deal,” said Bjorlin of St. Michael, Minn.

It wasn’t until the next day that he and the others found out that Northwest Flight 188 from San Diego had overshot Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by 150 miles, winding up in Wisconsin before turning around to land safely at MSP. Federal officials say the pilots apparently became distracted. Military jets had been on standby to track down the jet after it dropped out of radio communication for about 75 minutes.

“Distracted” my left nut.


I’m thinking the unemployment rate in Minnesota is about to climb…

Hey, Do the Mouse, Yeah!

All around the house, yeah!

Especially today.

Missing Link…

…but the wrong chain?

It was billed as one of the most important fossil finds in history, a “missing link” that would challenge everything we knew about human evolution.

Darwinius masillae, the primitive primate that was unveiled to the world with huge fanfare and a Sir David Attenborough documentary in May, seems now to have been less of a missing link than an evolutionary dead end. Far from being an ancestor to humans, the lemur-like creature from 47 million years ago belongs to an entirely different branch of the primate family tree that has left no known descendants, research has indicated.

This is how real science, and scientists, are supposed to work.

Now, It IS THE Most Wonderful Time of Year

…when strange stuff is supposed to happen. But not in my backyard, capiche?

This is (as Jeff can attest) my lovely drake elm ~ a fine figure of a tree sprung from feeble sprout planted about 7 years ago, with a quirky cant West thanks to Ivan.

Bucolic, n’est pas?

And THIS is my [man?]drake on paranormal energy:

Taunting me with the second ball he’s caught in as many weeks. Honestly, I was scared to take a picture, because you just never know what the camera sees that you don’t, but major dad poo-pooed the first one for lack of evidence…until it dropped out of the tree the next day. I be damned if he was getting a second shot at, “Oh, sure. The tree that plays catch.”

As there were no vaporous pranksters perched on the limb, I will have to concede that the drake is choosing to toy with me himself. And driving BeauBeau bonkers. Take THAT, Dorothy.

I feel a hug coming on.

Soooo, How’s That Whole “Jobs” Thing Working Ou…

Never mind.

New jobless claims rise more than expected to 531K

Thank God for unemplo…oh.

Never mind.

Losing their lifeline – 7,000 a day
As the Senate debates whether to extend unemployment benefits, more than 200,000 jobless Americans are set to see their checks stop in October.

I’d wait a while before declaring a bottom to the housing market or tout “Saved or Created” jobs ~ anything like that, where the trend has been for the Obama/smartest administration EH-VAH to warble hope and change…and then have to explain how all the wrong “change” happened.

I know, I know.


Jesus, they’re pitiful.

TODAY The Fishwrap Want Ads Contained PROOF Positive

…there is a God.

Seeking an experienced general manager for
a new Dunkin’ Donuts location in Pensacola, FL that is scheduled to open soon.
Previous QSR management experience/travel for training/immediate availability-all required. Send resume with references to [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]

Cue maniacal laughter…

Oh, Heaven’s just a sin away,
Oh, oh, just a sin away.
I can’t wait another day,
I think I’m givin’ in!

“Created Or Saved” Part XVI

Damn your soul, Bush! Here’s some Un-American data about the center-piece plan from the Most Smartest Administration Evah:


According to the data, 49 States and the District of Columbia have lost jobs since stimulus was enacted. Only North Dakota* has seen net job creation following the February 2009 stimulus. While President Obama claimed the result of his stimulus bill would be the creation of 3.5 million jobs, the Nation has already lost a total of 2.7 million – a difference of 6.2 million jobs.

*Thanks to the success of Cash For Clunkers Japan has seen net job creation, as Toyota and Honda assembly lines got extra work.

Campaign ExCREIGHtions

Think it’ll help?

Let’s take a vote! I say…”nope”.

Via the never easily fired up Jake Tapper.


A nookie reader? Does it come with pictures?

Oooo, yes! Color at that!

You must tell me more of this thing.

(And I think the “Why Would I Want It” question completely superfluous.)

I Get a Thrill Down My Leg

…when he talks like that.

…This isn’t RINO but DIABOLO – Democrat In All But Official Label Only….

…Washington doesn’t need another incoherent buffoon insulated by a phalanx of thin-skinned twerps already guarding her like a 30-year incumbent for whom routine questions are an outrageous form of lèse-majesté.

Via baby bro Crusader.

Hilarious SPAM Filter Moments

This is how it looked this morning:
GOPUSA Eagle_______Health Care Bill Is About Control, Not Health Care
Viag.~Samples__________Suffering From Erectile. Dysfunction?
NO_Prescription-Required__Suffering From Erectile. Dysfunction?

I’d say the GOP answer to that is “yes”. They are dysfunctional and they lack control. For starters.

Cross At The Green…

Not in between

I hope he went straight to a bar after this.

I sure would have.

How’s That “Created Or Saved” Bit Going Again?

Of course the spin will be “it would be even worse if we hadn’t thrown away billions…”

WASHINGTON – Even with an economic revival, many U.S. jobs lost during the recession may be gone forever and a weak employment market could linger for years.

That could add up to a “new normal” of higher joblessness and lower standards of living for many Americans, some economists are suggesting.

We need to get people off the government payroll and shrink its size.

And fast.

I’d Wear This

I think it’s a hoot


Well, this year, you may notice a new tasteless costume in Los Angeles: The “Illegal Alien.”

“He didn’t just cross a border, he crossed a galaxy!” according to the costume’s description. “He’s got his green card, but it’s from another planet! Sure to get some laughs, the Illegal Alien Adult Costume includes an orange prison-style jumpsuit with ‘Illegal Alien’ printed on the front, an alien mask and a ‘green card.'”

…It’s “distasteful, mean-spirited and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform,” says Angelica Salas.

Actually, it’s witty and light-hearted outright funny.

You can still order it here, though it’s “out of stock” at the moment.

Of course, by posting this I’ve probably assured that there is indeed an orange jumpsuit in my future…

An honest street name here in Illinois……

Goes Without Saying

But I will anyway.

The problem is that for all the anti-Fox bellowing coming out of the administration about Fox “News”, they only EVER point the finger at the Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly comments/shows. They are as much the heart of the “news” as Rachel Maddow or Mr. Obnoxious Olbermann are “newscasters” for MSNBC ~ it’s Fox apples to the mewling competition’s oranges and inherently, intentionally deceptive. That this whiney bunch of babies installed in the White House conciously and consistently chooses to be dishonest in their anti-Fox demagoguery speaks volumes, both about their utter and complete lack of character, as well as their reverence for the office itself.

It’s only been nine months. NINE months, with three and a quarter YEARS left to go in what’s already become our long national nightmare. I really despise these guys.

Every last freakin’ one of them.

Makes me sad.

For Your Light Reading Pleasure

May I present S. 1796

(This goes to the full 1502 page pdf file. Sweet mother of jeebus)

Now on the very first page it says this bill was “read twice”. By whom? When?

What crap-spewers these people are.

Update: Just idly strolling through this one finds beginning on page 480 or so an exciting section on post-partum depression, where in there will be a funded 9 year study on “the relative mental health consequences for women of resolving a pregnancy.”

On page 714 there’s a massive money waster proposed, one of the classic governmental boondoggles, a gigantic “interagency working group on health care quality” (talk about a contradiction in terms…) composed of senior-level officials from:
-Dept. of Health and Human Services
-Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
-National Institutes of Health
-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
-Health Resources and Services Administration
-Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
-Administration for Children and Families
-Dept. of Commerce
-Office of Management and Budget
-United States Coast Guard
-Federal Bureau of Prisons
-National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
-Federal Trade Commission
-Social Security Administration
-Dept. of Labor
-United States Office of Personnel Management
-Dept. of Defense
-Dept. of Education
-Dept. of Veterans Affairs
-Veterans Health Administration
-and “any other Federal agencies and departments with activities relating to improving health care quality and safety, as determined by the President.”

Good god. Can you imagine the time these people will waste?

Well, you’d better start trying, because you’re going to pay for it.

Just look at that list. How many of these beasts have you never even heard of? And how many seem to be redundant?

Let’s Go Devils, I Guess


I took my Bride to the Devil’s game Saturday night at the Prudential Center in Newark on Saturday. Gosh, what a nice place. We had great seats that I bought a few weeks ago at a charity golf outing (as you can see from the picture above) but it looked like most of the seats there are pretty good. The food is certainly above-average as well: decent cheese steaks, great fries, and lots of cold beer. Oh and sleazy nachos; what’s not to love?

What was also nice was between the 1st and 2nd period they had the camera zoom in on a soldier sitting there who had just returned from his 2nd tour in Iraq, and everyone in the arena stood and gave him an ovation.

I’m not yet a big hockey fan, but it sure was a pleasant way to spend an evening.

Sounds Like an Obama (Biz)Czar Position to Me!

A hardline Islamist group in Somalia has begun publicly whipping women for wearing bras that they claim violate Islam as they are ‘deceptive’.

The insurgent group Al Shabaab has sent gunmen into the streets of Mogadishu to round up any women who appear to have a firm bust, residents claimed yesterday.

The women are then inspected to see if the firmness is natural, or if it is the result of wearing a bra.

If they are found wearing a bra, they are ordered to remove it and shake their breasts, residents said.

Oh, gimme some-a-that Old Time Religion!

Exit question: Since the BOOBS are already in Washington, can an Inspector General be far behind?

Swill Salute to Report on Arrakis, via Ace.

Happy Birthday SOG!

I’m sending a friend over to help you celebrate, gregor!


On a Crisp, Windy, Crystal Clear October Day





…blastin’ some caps.

I Think the Technical Term Is

Talkin’ Out Yer Ass

The flashlights in formation are a frickin’ adorable touch, too. Oooo, those toughies!

Seems Like “Fair Use” To Me…

Not sure why Mickey’s panties are in a twist over this ad


A beer advertisment featuring a ranchy version of Snow White has reportedly raised the ire of Disney.

The x-rated advertisement, for Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale, depicts the fairytale heroine blowing smoke rings while lying in bed with seven semi-clad dwarves.

In this Disney dystopia, Snow White has been renamed “Ho White”, while the loveable dwarves Sleepy, Happy and Doc are rebranded Filthy, Smarmy and Randy – supposedly to represent different types of drinkers.

I mean, what better way to illustrate the perils for young ladies of drinking absolute crap could they come up with?

My god, it’s damn near a Public Service spot!

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