That Kinder, Gentler Mitt Romney

…has been White Knighting into peoples’ lives quietly for years. I couldn’t remember last night ~ when I was jetting this around to assholes like Mia Farrow on Twitter (“Does he only help Mormons?” that sweet thing cattily asked) ~ if I’d posted this before, but thought I’d go ahead a stick it up here again anyway.

So, Mitt Romney’s running for President in 2008. He’s in San Diego when the hills start to burn.

And he (with what looks like one of the boys) just does what seems to come exceedingly naturally.

I’ll bet he’s giving some tremendous hugs in Louisiana right now, too. “Tremendous” because he MEANS them.

To be fair, I’ll post any video evidence of spontaneous anonymous altruism explosions from Obama just as soon as they become available.

Oh, you bet I will.

I Really Have To Get A Friar Fryer

I am feeling inspired


Several deep-fried dishes have been chosen as finalists for the State Fair of Texas’ Eighth Annual Big Tex Choice Awards.

Contestants submitted their edible entries in August and the field has been narrowed to eight.


Chicken Fried Cactus Bites – Thinly-sliced prickly pear cactus pads and chicken, battered and deep fried. Served with a combination of sweet and spicy secret jalapeno ranch, and agave nectar dipping sauce.

Deep-Fried Divine Chocolate Tres Leches Cake – A slice of chocolate tres leches cake soaked in buttermilk batter and fried. A light sprinkle of cinnamon, topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberry slices and peaches are drizzled with syrup.

Deep Fried Jambalaya – Jambalaya using shrimp, Cajun sausage and seasonings, then coated in lightly seasoned flour and fried. Served with a side of “made in house” spicy ranch sauce.

Deep Fried Mac-N-Cheese Slider – This three-cheese mac is baked until golden brown, battered in bread crumbs, deep-fried until crisp on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. Placed on a slider bun with a griddled beef patty.

Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll – Cinnamon roll dipped in a special sweet pancake batter, rolled in crispy fried bacon crumbles, deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Fried Mexican Fire Crackers – Spicy chicken, cheese and jalapeno mix wrapped in fresh-made masa dough and deep fried.

Fried Pork Wing – Slow cooked for six hours then lightly deep fried, rolled and tossed in a smoked bacon chipotle glaze. Accompanied by old-school homemade potato chips lightly dusted in barbecue seasoning.

Picnic on a Stick – Spicy fried chicken, tater tots and slices of dill pickle. Repeated three times on a stick, then dipped in batter, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried. Choice of BBQ sauce, ranch, or honey mustard.

Some of these sound pretty damned good.

7.9 Quake In Philippines


For Someone Who’s 82 and Didn’t Use a Teleprompter (A Skill POTUS Has YET to Master BTW)

…I’d say it was a smashing and memorable convention debut. major dad and I enjoyed it immensely.

Well, done, Clint!

Of course, it seems to have burned some buttcheeks in certain quarters

Media Strikes Back After Dirty Harry Dares To Mock Obama

…Eastwood hit Obama in every sweet spot we’ve been waiting for him to get hit on: The incompetence; the lies; the empty, pretentious rhetoric; the inexperience; and that roaring blowhard of a moron Obama chose to be a heartbeat away.

Oh, and the empty chair. Other than an empty suit, there is no sharper metaphor.

Eastwood also made one of the very best points of the night: WE own this country, and when someone doesn’t do the job “we have to let them go.”

The media, naturally, is furious. They don’t like to see Their Precious One mocked and they also understand the power of mockery — which is why they keep Stewart and Colbert on such a tight leash. This is why the media has already written 25 stories (5 from Politico) mocking Eastwood.

Had Eastwood said the things the media likes to hear with the same nervousness and hesitation, they would’ve called him wizened and seasoned. But because he mocked Their Precious One, suddenly he’s some kind of embarrassment.

I don’t think that’s going to carry much water with the former Mayor of Carmel, but they might want to watch how the average American feels about their assault on Eastwood.

America LURVES them some Clint.

ths update: Oh, I LOVE the smell of hate in the morning

…“Clint, my hero, is coming across as sad and pathetic,” said film critic Roger Ebert via Twitter. “He didn’t need to do this to himself. It’s unworthy of him.”

And really, John Hayward’s right about this:

…Was talking to an invisible Obama in an empty chair demeaning to the President? Good. Now Obama knows how he made millions of business owners feel.

The point of Clint’s appearance wasn’t just to loosen up the crowd with a few laughs. He was there to provide more than humor or star power. The Man With No Name rode onto the high plains of the RNC stage to deliver something else: validation.

The intended recipient was not Mitt Romney, the convention delegates, or even Republican voters, but rather wavering independents. Clint was there to tell them it’s OK to find Obama, his ugly campaign operation, and his increasingly shrill band of die-hard defenders ridiculous. It’s OK to laugh at them.

…It’s OK to dismiss the brutal slander of the Obama campaign with humor, as Clint did when Invisible Obama supposedly gave him profane insults to relay to Mitt Romney. The silly notion of Obama as a serene, cool, Spock-like figure floating above the political fray is gone forever, but Clint shoveled a little dirt on its grave with those jokes. The pained over-reaction of Obama defenders does them no credit, and will not serve them well in the election. Americans are a humorous people who value the ability to take a joke. A thin-skinned campaign that appears to be cracking walnuts with its clenched butt cheeks usually turns them off.

And it’s OK to let Obama go, as Eastwood said, in what I think will prove to be his most widely quoted line: “When somebody does not do the job, you’ve got to let them go.” The significance of that statement, coupled with the raspy straight-shooting delivery of Dirty Harry, should not be underestimated.

A good deal of the Obama campaign effort, particular from his media allies, comes down to portraying votes against him as racism – as if the public has a moral duty to re-elect the First Black President, no matter how ghastly a failure he has been. (Swing by the MSNBC comedy show and check out Chris Matthews for the extreme low-brow version of this argument. Matthews portrays even relatively mild criticism of his beloved President as coded racism. The other day, he decided references to “Chicago” are encrypted racist appeals.) Independent voters really do need some inoculation against this argument.

I Guess The Members Lost Their Faith?

The irony is palpable

BOSTON (CBS Connecticut) — The National Atheist Party is canceling its secular convention due to a lack of funding.

A Fumbled Fumble Return

58 yards the wrong way

…and players from the other team knock him out of bounds; had they let him “score” it would have been a safety for them.

“Instinct” can lead you astray sometimes, Folks.

There’s a lesson in this.

Its 5 Day Mission: To Boldly Blow Where No…

…Storm has blown before


Gin Futures Plummeting…

If this turns out to be true

CAPE TOWN (2012-08-28): The University of Cape Town’s Science Department believes that it has found a single dose cure for Malaria. This was announced by researchers that have been working on this compound, from the aminopyridine class, for several years. Unlike conventional multidrug malaria treatments that the malaria parasite has become resistant to, Professor Kelly Chibale and his colleagues now believe that they have discovered a drug that over 18 months of trials ”killed these resistant parasites instantly”.


Sometimes SI cuts to the bone

With head coaches Mike Shanahan and Greg Schiano resting nearly all of their offensive and defensive starters, the teams gathered before a modest crowd and proved that the backups from one consensus last-place team can beat the backups from another consensus last-place team, for whatever that’s worth.

Dateline Charlotte: What if You Tried to Give a Protest

…and the people in whose name you were ostensibly protesting for…well…

…“We’re trying to build a movement,” said Scottie Wingfield, a member of Occupy Charlotte.

But if Tuesday’s recruiting trip were any indication, organizers face some barriers.

Walking up to an African-American woman outside of one townhouse, a white protester called out, “Hey, sister.”

Sister?” she asked.

It’s ma’am to you.

I Assumed This Covered Me

But none the less I did carefully enter…

Spam Of The Day

Last van erectiestoornissen? Dan is viagra echt iets voor jou! Dan kan dat natuurlijk ook!

Iets voor jou!!!!!!

Why Barack Obama is Campaigning While Plaquemines Parish Drowns

1) It is 71% WHITE.

2) Plaquemines Parish President Bill Nungesser was an unflinching, courageous, LOUD and PROUD CRITIC OF OBAMA’S ABDICATION OF LEADERSHIP during the BP oil spill (Oh, yeah. Remember THAT?)

White pain-in-the-ass people on roofs don’t mean a thing, when you gotta collect that bling.

Doo. Whop.

The payback BOP.

LtGen Kelly Yesterday in Indianapolis

Thanks to Drew for the heads up.

Romneys “Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown”

It appears to be the deep, deep thoughts of an ABC producer.

During live coverage of the Republican National Convention here in Tampa, an ABC News employee provided the perfect example of the pervasive anti-Republican bias Mitt Romney faces in his bid to unseat President Barack Obama.

In video broadcast Monday night by ABC over the internet, an ABC News employee can be heard claiming that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann are unconcerned about the fate of residents of the New Orleans area who are currently being hit by Hurricane Isaac.

“They aren’t concerned at all,” the person says on tape. “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.

In all fairness, let’s ask the President why the RNC cancelled ALL of Monday’s programming, while he didn’t miss a single fundraiser?

ths update: Well lookee here, boys: Via aelfheld in the comments, turns out the vocal unbiased press member was Yahoo! News Washington BUREAU CHIEF David Chalian.

Imagine that!

Aelf was also kind enough to set up a Fire That Partisan Hack via Yahoo!’s own consumer complaint pages. Feel free to register your displeasure.

I did. 🙂

For those on Twitter, just hit the ReTweet:

ths update: And…GONE.

Something In The Air?

No, no, I’m not talking about Isaac and all the Weather Pr0n we’re being bombarded with (and you DID read Sis’s post and follow the advice therein, didn’t you?); certainly Isaac is a much weaker storm than Katrina and we just have to hope that the extended rain and wind doesn’t cause any severe problems; in any event the NOLA folks from local to Fed levels are much more prepared and less prone to sit back and see what happens than they were 7 years ago (plus, frankly and sadly, there just ain’t as much there for Gaia to destroy these days, is there?) so we can and do pray that the weather is, er, weathered much better now than before. Is there a limit on the number of semi-colons one can use in a sentence? I think I just violated it.

Anywho, what I am referring to is not a cyclone of a natural nature but rather perhaps a zephyr of a political nature. In Massachusetts.

We just got back from taking Daughter to College in a rather well-to-do, an exceedingly well-to-do actually, town outside of Boston. Our vintage Honda minivan was besieged on all sides by Volvos, BMWs, Lexii, Priui and of course the ever ubiquitous Subarus (full disclosure: next trip we will arrive in our own Subaru and try to go native) as we meandered about and tried to make sense of the logic of Massacusettian road design, finally realizing there is none.

The weather was stunningly lovely: low humidity and soothing warmth provided by bright sunshine dappling amidst the sylvan groves of an idyllic campus awash in the arcadian splendor of a late Summer’s day.

Yet underneath this despite of the cheery-looking sunshine there seemed to be almost an unspoken arctic chill cast about the land, for here, yes here in what should be the very heart and soul of Elizabeth Warren-ville we saw exactly one (1) lawn sign declaring support for her. One. (1). There is indeed a specter casting a pall over Warren-ville, for whilst we saw but one (1) sign for Elizabeth Warren we saw five (5) for Scott Brown.

And we did not see a single (0) “Obama-12” sticker. Not a one for The One. Oh sure there were a few tear-streaked “Obama-08” relics affixed to liked hybrid’s bumpers, clinging like the faded memories of joyful dreams driven into irrelevant vaporousness by the cruel light of morn remain still in our minds eye, tantalizingly close and vibrant yet ever unsustainable and unfulfilled.

The enthusiasm has waned, Friends. The magic is gone. Does it mean Massachusetts will go “R”? Probably not, but the depressed atmosphere may very well keep enough folks home to ensure Brown’s re-election.

There’s a Lot of Truth About “Purity” in This Intimate Haley Barbour Video

Although I could choke the mouthy old biddy who keeps interjecting pablum while he’s talking. Why is there ALWAYS one in every crowd?

Fill Up Your Gas Tanks


Thank you Isaac and President Obama.


Man, NBC Really Hates Conservatives

…don’t they?

One Small Step for Mankind

…and one giant leap into our hearts. God speed you on your way, Neil Armstrong.

Eschewing the fame and fortune that would have been at the snap of your fingers, you were the epitome of what was right and brave, all-American and quietly heroic.

Laughing my butt off at this from his Wiki page:

…Armstrong was involved in several incidents that went down in Edwards folklore and/or were chronicled in the memoirs of colleagues. The first was an X-15 flight on April 20, 1962, when Armstrong tested a self-adjusting control system. He flew to a height of 207,000 ft (63 km), (the highest he flew before Gemini 8), but he held the aircraft nose up too long during descent, and the X-15 bounced off the atmosphere back up to 140,000 ft (43 km). At that altitude, the atmosphere is so thin that aerodynamic surfaces have almost no effect. He flew past the landing field at Mach 3 (2,000 mph, or 3,200 km/h), over 100,000 ft (30.5 km) altitude, and ended up 40 miles (64 km) south of Edwards (legend has it that he flew as far as the Rose Bowl). After sufficient descent, he turned back toward the landing area, and barely managed to land without striking Joshua trees at the south end. It was the longest X-15 flight in both time and distance of the ground track.[32]

Four days later, Armstrong was involved in a second incident, when he flew for the only time with Chuck Yeager. Their job, flying a T-33 Shooting Star, was to evaluate Smith Ranch Dry Lake for use as an emergency landing site for the X-15. In his autobiography, Yeager wrote that he knew the lake bed was unsuitable for landings after recent rains, but Armstrong insisted on flying out anyway. As they attempted a touch-and-go, the wheels became stuck and they had to wait for rescue. Armstrong tells a different version of events, where Yeager never tried to talk him out of it and they made a first successful landing on the east side of the lake. Then Yeager told him to try again, this time a bit slower. On the second landing, they became stuck and according to Armstrong, Yeager was in fits of laughter.[33]

That last part sounds more like the truth. Everybody knows Air Force pilots lie like dogs and Yeager was one of the worst. 😛

God, how I LOVE those stories. The Age of Giants, it was.

The Age of GIANTS.

MORE: Via Tim Groseclose: “At the 2:10 mark of this video, on the game show “I’ve got a Secret,” N. Armstrong’s parents discuss their son.

Finally Some Good UVA News

This year has been an embarrassing mess in C-Ville with the whole kerfuffle involving Fauxahantas’ buddy Theresa Sullivan.

Finally some news that makes this Wahoo not hang his head in shame

A University of Virginia spokeswoman says President Barack Obama will not be at the university when he comes to Charlottesville on Wednesday. In a statement released Friday, it was confirmed that the university declined the president’s request to speak at UVA.

UVA says the Obama campaign requested the use of one of two outdoor venues – the Amphitheater or the Harrison-Small Library plaza. The university declined the request for a number of reasons including class cancellations, which UVA estimates could be more than 186 classes on the second day of school. The other main reason is they would have to take on the full cost of security, and because of university policy and their federal and state tax exempt status, they would have to offer the same opportunity to the other candidate so as not to show favor for either candidate.

As is his MO (no, not her, the traditional meaning. Though come to think of it…) he wanted to invite himself over and allow you to briefly gaze upon his grandeur and through his munificent benevolence graciously let you pick up the entire tab.

What a guy.


Oh Poop

The Superer Smarterist Deity Ever

Thank god we no longer have that moron Bush around

In a speech at a fundraiser in New York on Wednesday night, he took aim at Todd Akin, the political punch bag du jour on both sides of the political aisle.

‘Recently, some of you have been paying attention to the commentary of the Senator of Missouri, Mr Akin, who – the interesting thing here is that this is an individual who sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology, but somehow missed science class.

…The problem is, Akin is a congressman who is running for a US Senate seat in Missouri. Senator Claire McCaskill, Obama’s favourite Senator until a few months ago when she started to distance herself from him in an effort to win re-election, might not particularly appreciate the President having conceded her seat already.


‘I’d advise that you talk to General McRaven, who’s in charge of our Special Ops. I think he has a point of view in terms of how deeply

I care about what these folks do each and every day to protect our freedom.’

The difficulty with this is that William McRaven is and admiral not a general. As a SEAL, he is member of the US Navy, not US Army or US Marines.

I guess he’s tired from all the fund raisers in the 57 states he’s attending.

Murder 77 People

…and get 21 years

Oslo, Norway (CNN) — Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people in a bomb attack and gun rampage just over a year ago, was judged to be sane Friday by a Norwegian court, as he was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Breivik was charged with voluntary homicide and committing acts of terror over the attacks in Oslo and Utoya Island on July 22, 2011.

Now it must be noted that was the maximum and that at the end of the time they can keep extending it if he’s still judged to be a menace to society, but really, the fact that this is the maximum is ridiculous.

I Hope They Do Strike

It seems that talks between the ILA and East Coast/Gulf ports have broken down

Labor negotiations covering U.S. ports from Maine to Texas have taken a sharp turn for the worse, and the International Longshoremen’s Association now says there could be a strike — the first in decades — in less than six weeks.

The current contract covering Charleston and the other ports expires Sept. 30. Maritime businesses fear that shippers and their clients could start diverting cargo to West Coast ports as the date draws closer.

Let the millions of unemployed people, the millions of people who are working 3 jobs to make their mortgage payment, the veterans whose benefits Obama wants to reduce, let all these folks see Obama cater to these guys

“ILA workers are among the most highly compensated workers in the country, on average receiving $124,138 a year in wages and benefits, which puts them ahead of all but 2 percent of all U.S. workers. They earn an average hourly wage of $50, more than double the $23.19 average for all U.S. union workers. They also pay no premiums and minimal co-pays and deductibles for a healthcare plan that is better than most U.S. employers provide their workers.

“At the Port of New York and New Jersey, 34 ILA members make over $368,000 a year in wages and benefits; one of every three makes over $208,000 a year – not including annual bonuses based on the weight of container cargo. These “container royalties” totaled $232 million in 2011 – or an average of $15,500 for ILA workers on the East and Gulf coasts.

Of course the ILA makes it very clear that they expect Obama’s full support

It should be noted parenthetically that the health care benefits of ILA workers are those which all Americans will enjoy when the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented.

I’m not sure “enjoy” is the word most people would use, and if you think that Obamacare will give us all ILA-level health care, well, there’s a bridge a couple of hundred yards from where I’m sitting that I’ll give you a good price on.

The ILA press release gives a beautifully clear insight into their mindset, however; look at this paragraph

When containerization started the ILA was faced with a huge displacement of worker whose jobs were eliminated by the ominous steel boxes. The ILA was at a crossroad – allow containerization to be implemented or refuse. The ILA agreed to allow containerization to flourish but negotiated a fee based on the weight of each loaded container to be used for annual payments to the longshore workers whose job opportunities had been compromised due to containerization. As the number of containers being handled increased, the negotiated payment for each worker increased. Rather than being an annual bonus for each worker, as USMX suggests, this payment is compensation for the job opportunities lost by permitting containerization.

Containerization was one of the most important advances in shipping, no, I’m willing to say it was THE most important advance in shipping in the 20th century (you remember the 20th Century: it was so good Joe Biden thinks we are still in it). It led to unparalleled growth in efficiency and secure, safe, low cost shipping over sea and the subsequent flow onto truck and rail and thence direct to your store, creating millions upon millions of job opportunities in economies around the world.

And look at the ILA’s attitude towards it: they “allowed” it to happen once they got their protection money.

Yep, let ’em strike. Expose this to the voters right before the election.

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