A Gorgeous Morning Here In Lower Manhattan

Bright sun, warm temps, and at 5:45 am as I strolled down Vesey the construction workers gave a thumbs up to the seersucker suit I am totally stylin’ today.

I’m in a great mood, whistling a happy tune and just waiting for that train to hit…

4 Responses to “A Gorgeous Morning Here In Lower Manhattan”

  1. Julie says:

    You can almost hear the “Jaws” theme…

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    I think we need a bigger boat…

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Did you say “seersucker“? **as she begins to tear up proudly**

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Why yes, yes I did. Going to a soire this evening. I’ll send you some pics.

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