A Note Concerning Dave J. Vis a Vis Sarah Palin

Brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant.

Agreed. Once I got done crying (which has NEVER happened in a political sense EVER.) (Okay, when Fred! f*cked things up, but that was RAGE.), I thought “Dang! I can relate to this chick.” I mean, I don’t agree with some of her stances, but nobody ever agrees 100% with anyone. And if they DO… ::raised eyebrows::
But I was always a tomboy (and actually a beauty queen of some SMALL note, too) (they gave me a trophy and savings bonds, yo) ~ always with the guns and the woods and the hopped up car and the rough house with the brothers…and there were so few wimmens of my OWN acquaintance (less mind the manicured, helmet headed doyennes of politics) with whom I felt instinctively I could commune. So, yeah, the Marines was a natch match and while I might envy Liddy Dole for her polish, she and her kind had no real connection to MY life, however she might have my sympathies aligned with her views and my envy for elegant, food stain-free evenings.
But Palin?
Diggity dadgum. I could give a rat’s ass about “experience” as defined by the chattering classes, because the definition morphs for the expediency of the attack at hand. I could also give a rat’s ass about religion in ALL its aspects. There are points about her that the ‘right’-est side of the party love and with which I respectfully disagree. But you know what? I can live with that. Actually doesn’t bother me a bit. Because what we’re being introduced to now is a person I find so refreshing and so normal, so decent and so secure in herself that, in a lot of ways, it’s like looking in the mirror and saying with wry surprise/winkwinknudgenudgeyness, “I know you”…and I’ve never been able to say that before.
And I have a sneaking suspicion there’s more girls than just me thinking that across the country tonight.
And that’s pretty cool.
ths UPDATE: At Hot Air, a link to thoughts that sum it up perfectly:

…But ultimately, we are in completely uncharted territory here. Palin is the most manifestly ordinary person ever to be nominated for a major party ticket. In this year of bittergate and Britney-gate and McCain-has-seven-houses-gate, that could conceivably be a virtue; it’s certainly less tone-deaf than a selection like Mitt Romney would have been.
But Palin isn’t merely playing at being ordinary, the way that Bill Clinton (Rhodes Scholar) or George W. Bush (son of a president) or Hillary Clinton (wife of a president) might. She really, really comes across that way — like someone who had won a sweepstakes or an essay contest. Her authenticity factor is off-the-charts good; her biography sings.

But do Americans really want their next-door-neighbor running for Vice President, or rather someone who seems like one?

I’ll take that bad-ass-normal/sister-in-spirit neighbor over a Beltway slicksuit IN A HEARTBEAT.

9 Responses to “A Note Concerning Dave J. Vis a Vis Sarah Palin”

  1. greg newson says:

    She sure is a lot better than that Android Hillary.
    Anybody who laughs on cue reminds me that Bill Clinton became famous for imitating the mannerisms
    of Elvis Presley.Hillary is a pseudo-Bill and
    doesn’t have his charisma.Too bad McCain is borderline wacko.” Push the button, the gooks are
    here,asking about the Queen of Hearts.” He’s a
    hero, but Commander-in- chief is a little too much.

  2. Dave J says:

    Greg, if C-in-C is a LITTLE too much for McCain, how much of a LOT too much is it for Obama?

  3. Dave J says:

    And THS, I am of course deeply flattered that you’d quote me in this context. E-mail me: we must conspire out of public view. 😉

  4. (Ooooo! A naughty assignation! DeLISHus…)
    I’ll have you know I’m not THAT kind of girl…{8^P

  5. Dave J says:

    Well, if Major Dad wouldn’t do things that’d make me wish for death…

  6. The_Real_JeffS says:

    “I’ll take that bad-ass-normal/sister-in-spirit neighbor over a Beltway slicksuit IN A HEARTBEAT.”
    Me too. The number of stuffed shirts and slicksuits in positions of power and authority is so rampant that I see it even my office. I’ll take a human being prone to failure over “I don’t make mistakes EVAH” fools any day.

  7. KG says:

    Manual Trackback, in clear violation of Ken’s alleged trademark

  8. ricki says:

    “I’ll take that bad-ass-normal/sister-in-spirit neighbor over a Beltway slicksuit IN A HEARBEAT.”
    I third that sentiment.

  9. NJ Sue says:

    She really is quite an amazing woman. Some people are picking on her self-description from her Friday speech as a “hockey mom.” But she can afford to be self-deprecating because she has a real record of governmental accomplishment for someone who is relatively young, unlike Obama, whose greatest accomplishment to date is writing two autobiographies marketing himself. She seems like a normal person who got into politics not for glory but to get something done.

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