A Reasoned Look At The Evidence Against AGW

via Ace, and the usual hilarity ensues in the comments

In last week’s column, I lamented the devolution of the climate debate into dueling ad hominem attacks, which has led in almost a straight line to the incredible totalitarian vision of the 10:10 climate group’s recent film showing school kids getting blown up for not adhering to the global warming alarmists’ position.

In writing that column, it struck me that it was not surprising that many average folks may be unfamiliar with the science behind the climate skeptic’s position, since it almost never appears anywhere in the press. This week I want to give a necessarily brief summary of the skeptic’s case.

All Hail Gaia! (carbon be upon her)

One Response to “A Reasoned Look At The Evidence Against AGW”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    Gonna fire up the Weber tonight and read the comments aloud to the whole neighborhood. We will then drink carbon-based Sam Adams by the bucket.

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