About That Steve Jobs Bio “60 Minutes” Last Night

Is anyone else kinda pissed they basically wasted a perfectly good liver transplant on a dead man walking?

I mean, it’s nice to be so special, and an “icon” and all, but when YOU make a choice to eschew the conventional medical treatment which pretty much would have guaranteed your survival, then I don’t think you get to take that life-saving organ away from ~ perhaps CONDEMN TO DEATH ~ the next guy in line just to extend the consequences of your tres questionable judgement, capiche?

Oh, I know I’m harsher than a witch’s broom riding butt, but that burned my ASS last night. Big time.

5 Responses to “About That Steve Jobs Bio “60 Minutes” Last Night”

  1. JeffS says:

    I agree, but…..

    “Money talks, bull***t walks.”

    Especially for iconic people.

  2. Rob says:

    Didn’t see it. Was there perhaps a generous donation made to one of the hospital’s departments?

  3. Didn’t see it but I know this is common practice in the liver transplant business. Remember Mickey Mantle? He jumped the line too and got his liver transplanted almost on demand and way ahead of those on the list a long time. They do it (they=transplant deciders) to publicize liver transplants and to increase liver donations. Doesn’t seem to be the practice with other organs.

    With Jobs, they didn’t get much publicity out of it – it wasn’t widely known.

  4. Dr Alice says:

    I did my postgrad training at a medical center known for its strong kidney transplant program. (This was the early 1990’s.) I remember seeing several patients who spoke only Arabic. I was told they were from Saudi Arabia and were here to get renal transplants. I’m sure they paid cash, as Jobs certainly did.

    I don’t think much of his initial attempts to treat his disease with alternative medicine, but I’ve seen some really dumbass stuff in my time when it comes to transplants (like a horribly ill diabetic being placed on the UCLA transplant list when it was obvious he had too many health problems to tolerate a transplant; he was dead in less than a year; never made it to transplant). So I’m afraid my reaction to this was “eh.” At least he used the time he got productively.

  5. Chancy girl says:

    My only regret is the transplant did not have a better outcome. I’d have been happy for him to have 2 transplants if it would have resulted in 20 more years of creative productive life. If I die tomorrow, I’d rather someone like Jobs got my liver instead of a Wall Street protester. Guess that is not politically correct tho.

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