All But One

I’ve always loved this photo


It contains every single person who was living or had every lived when it was taken…except for Michael Collins, who took this photo on July 21st, 1969 as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin came back up from the Moon’s surface.

2 Responses to “All But One”

  1. Larry Boykin says:

    Having grown up during the era of this picture brought back many memories. My father worked at the Cape on the launch crews. I did some searching and according to Bing, there is another photo showing the same results. This one is from Apollo 10 according to search results. Even if it is mislabeled, the and is just a different view of your photo the impact is tremendous.

  2. Greg Newsom says:

    The alonest person in history. Collins on the dark side of the moon all alone with the earth
    250 thousand miles away.And no radio communications until he came to the other side.

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