And a Good Time Is to Be Had By ALL

You all be careful out there…
UPDATE: In living color…

Adds to the drama, doncha think?
Good resources and discussions for those of us in the nervous-and-drinking-heavily zone:
NAVY page for Gustav, but has links to everything else going on. The upside to this vice the National Hurricane Center? The Navy updates in real time, the NHC on 3-5 hour cycles.
Weather Underground/Tropical page has all the models, forecast tracks, etc., laid out real pretty and accessible. For an interesting discussion, click on the “Dr. Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog” column on the right hand side of the page. He offers up his expertise once or twice a day, PLUS there is an ongoing comment section that stretches out to thousands of entries under each post. The folks there are actual and/or ardent amateur meteorologists and I have learned tons from the back and forth there. If you want to read a REAL hurricane adventure (and have time for multiple pages of story with pics), try Dr. Jeff’s “Flying Into Hurricane Hugo link. What happens when a hurricane hunter loses an engine? Or two?

…The aircraft lurches out of control into a hard right bank. We plunge towards the ocean, our number three engine in flames. Debris hangs from the number four engine.
The turbulence suddenly stops. The clouds part. The darkness lifts. We fall into the eye of Hurricane Hugo.

It’s a great read.

One Response to “And a Good Time Is to Be Had By ALL”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    For what’s its worth, a lot of Federal agencies are watching these storms VERY closely. I’ve been dealing with Gustav all day long myself.

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