…And Among These Are Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of…

Gluttony. I mean, really, isn’t that the true fount of happiness?

A little Freedom Wine to signify the crucial assistance rendered to us by France

And then some NY Strips to represent the open plains with all that waving wheat and some scallops to add a bit of that wonderful sea-to-shining-sea atmosphere?


4 Responses to “…And Among These Are Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of…”

  1. BillN says:

    Did the good ald American steak thing last night. Today is Teqila lime chicken fajitas and fresh Pico de Gallo. Hope you and the rest of the coalition members are having a great Independence day weekend.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    And to you as well, Bill!

    I’ve got some ribeyes on tap for tonight…

  3. Dr Alice says:

    You, sir, know how to celebrate a holiday. I had a couple hot dogs yesterday at my neighborhood block party. I need to get a grill this summer so I can start cooking steak.

  4. Cullen says:

    Grilled pizzas yesterday. All was well.

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