And Good Luck With That

After all ~ they were are such pillars of feminist outrageous outrage when the Taliban were are executing women in the soccer stadium, or your average misogynist Islamic male just slicing noses off “because“. Can’t see where ‘not being able to drive’ rates even a blink, less mind “a statement”, especially since the Saudis have stuff we actually need. God forbid!

Clinton Opts for ‘Quiet Diplomacy’ on Saudi Women Driving Standoff

The State Department said Monday that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is opting for “quiet diplomacy” with Saudi officials in urging a change to the kingdom’s ban on women driving.

…That behind-the-scenes negotiating is a little too quiet for a group of Saudi activists, who say Clinton and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton need to issue statements publicly backing a campaign by women in Saudi Arabia to win the right to drive.

“Quiet” my ass. She wishes the women would shut up and go away. She’s got “big world” business to attend to, doncha know.

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