And Thank YOU Yet Again, Mr. President

The Canadians are talking to China about all that oil we don’t want.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Canada Eyes Asia After U.S. Delays Project

There aren’t words to describe how I feel about this douchey, jug-earred little weasel…well, there ARE, but I’m trying not to outdo Ace.

2 Responses to “And Thank YOU Yet Again, Mr. President”

  1. Syd B; says:

    Just to be clear here, this isn’t Steven Harper, PM of Canada, playing games. There has been billions invested in the tar sands and the government and private investors have to generate a return on there commitment to the project. In fact, to a significant degree, the investments were made initially on the Keystone XL project. So, now that Obama has postponed it for absolutely, positively political reasons, I don’t blame Canada one ounce for looking to alternative markets. In fact, they have no commitment from the US that the pipeline will start in 2013 either. Yes, this is all Obama’s politicizing. So much for his concern for job growth. If he wins in 2012, there should be a mass exit to Canada. The Harper conservative government has their shit together.

  2. Mark Reardon says:

    Just in case Obama doesn’t speak Canadian any better than he speaks Austrian, let me translate.
    “Go F**K Yourself, EH?”

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