And There Goes CNN

Their headline right now is “What did Obama know, and when did he find out?”

Drip drip drip

3 Responses to “And There Goes CNN”

  1. JeffS says:

    Again, the media is a day late and a dollar short. Very little of this is a surprise to those who had their eyes open AND the integrity to say so.

    The damage being wrought upon America might have been avoided had the media done the job they SAID they were doing. Which, of course, they were not. It’ll be a cold, cold day in Hell before I believe 95% of the Lame Stream Media.

    Not that I won’t enjoy watching the Obama Administration spastic spin attempts, mind you. But it’ll be a very minor satisfaction, in comparison.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Waiting on WagTheDog in three…two…one…BOOM!

  3. Greg Newsom says:

    I voted for Obama the first time, not the second.He’s been the greatest disappointment ever in US politics.”The audacity of hope”. The story
    of the young liberal white girl
    at a rally, with the old conservative elderly man,both of whom wanting a better America, got my soul going.
    He was a fake, but he never realized, ” God bless the hope”. He could have been one of the greats of history. He had the greatness at his fingertips, but lost it to
    the luxury of Air Force One and an ego charge of being President.
    It’s sad……

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