Another Convert to the Church of

“Color Me Shocked”?

Not really. He ~ saintly figure that he presents ~ is just pissed what he encouraged flipped so easily on him when they were no longer the city’s darlings.

Occupy Group Faults Church, a Onetime Ally

For months, they were the best of neighbors: the slapdash champions of economic equality, putting down stakes in an outdoor plaza, and the venerable Episcopal parish next door, whose munificence helped sustain the growing protest.

But in the weeks since Occupy Wall Street was evicted from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, relations between the demonstrators and Trinity Wall Street, a church barely one block from the New York Stock Exchange, have reached a crossroads.

The displaced occupiers had asked the church, one of the city’s largest landholders, to hand over a gravel lot, near Canal Street and Avenue of the Americas, for use as an alternate campsite and organizing hub. The church declined, calling the proposed encampment “wrong, unsafe, unhealthy and potentially injurious.”

And now the Occupy movement, after weeks of targeting big banks and large corporations, has chosen Trinity, one of the nation’s most prominent Episcopal parishes, as its latest antagonist.

“We need more; you have more,” one protester, Amin Husain, 36, told a Trinity official on Thursday, during an impromptu sidewalk exchange between clergy members and demonstrators. “We are coming to you for sanctuary.”

Trinity’s rector, the Rev. James H. Cooper, defended the church’s record of support for the protesters, including not only expressions of sympathy, but also meeting spaces, resting areas, pastoral services, electricity, bathrooms, even blankets and hot chocolate. But he said the church’s lot — called Duarte Square — was not an appropriate site for the protesters, noting that “there are no basic elements to sustain an encampment.”

Trinity has probably done as much or more for the protesters than any other institution in the area,” Mr. Cooper wrote on his parish Web site. “Calling this an issue of ‘political sanctuary’ is manipulative and blind to reality. Equating the desire to seize this property with uprisings against tyranny is misguided, at best.

Hyperbolic distortion drives up petition signatures, but doesn’t make it right.

Yeah, REALLY! Save that “hyperbole”, hyperventilating crap for when it’s against other them people, ’cause it’s booshit against me, yo!

Put those bitten, PANDERING puddies back in your pants pocket, Padre.

3 Responses to “Another Convert to the Church of”

  1. JeffS says:

    “What’s good for thee is not good for me.”

  2. This is a prime example why you shouldn’t pander to Terrorists and Criminals. Sooner or later, they’ll be biting the hand that feeds them so don’t provide aid to them.

    Lesson learned for one church in NYC?

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    I doubt it Gary. As soon as the Occupiers turn their envious greed towards stealing or trashing someone else’s property, this sacntimoneous clown will enthusiastically rejoin their cheering section.

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