Another “Great Disappointment”: So It’s Not the End of the World

…but close enough. Since we’ve been spared, I thought I’d share some thoughts on race in these United States from Adam Carolla.

FOX411: Switching gears, you’ve said before you don’t believe, contrary to popular opinion, that America is a racist country.

Carolla: Well, it’s never going to be an issue that goes away as long as there are people who don’t want it to go away. So as long as there’s a group of folks that profit from it or believe to gain power and popularity from it or damage other people by calling them a racist, it’s never going to go away. We can have people say this is a racist nation, but we have a black president – the most powerful person. The richest person on television, Oprah, is a black woman, the second most powerful star on television or in the media is probably Will Smith, and he is a black man. The richest athlete on the planet, at least pre-divorce, is a black man – Tiger Woods. And the highest paid singer is Beyonce.
At what point do we get to stop calling ourselves a racist nation?

If we are [racist] we aren’t doing a very good job at it.

Really. What the homely white guy said.

See y’all on the flip of of…dare I say it?



5 Responses to “Another “Great Disappointment”: So It’s Not the End of the World”

  1. Dave E. says:


  2. JeffS says:

    New bumper sticker:

    “America sucks. At racism.”

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Yeah we do. I don’t think I mind. Lol.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Perhaps the US should stop listening to its detractors.

  5. Ave says:

    It is clear that any nation electing a “black man” with an Irish great-great-great grandfather must be terribly racist. What Winston said.

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