Any Guesses How Long THIS Headline Sticks Around

…before the ‘noise’ hits Politico?

Democratic noise machine targets Christie

For years, Chris Christie was one of the country’s most gifted political thespians: More than any other contemporary Republican, he mastered the art of crafting dramatic moments for TV and online consumption and watching the nation thrill to the raw force of his personality.

Now, the New Jersey governor, whose aides once took pride in creating viral videos of his town hall smack-downs, is battling a set of adversaries wielding many of the same media tools against him.

The Garden State’s unfurling retribution scandal — in which at least three Christie associates have been tied to a scheme to deliberately disrupt traffic near the George Washington Bridge — has quickly become a case study in the evolution of the powerful messaging apparatus that national Democrats have built in the Obama era.

2 Responses to “Any Guesses How Long THIS Headline Sticks Around”

  1. JeffS says:

    Still there. Must be a “broken clock”.

  2. JeffS says:

    Still there! Hmmmmm!

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