Baby, You Can Ride In My Car

Or maybe not.

THE aide to New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine who was with him April 12 when he was seriously injured in a car crash was suddenly reassigned last month because the two had become “too close,” said an inside source.
Samantha Gordon, a “tall and attractive” 25-year-old, worked for a year as an “intellectual valet” to the governor, traveling with him wherever and whenever he went, much as Huma Abedin is the “body person” who travels with Sen. Hillary Clinton.
“Samantha was extremely devoted to him,” said the source.
Gordon was riding in the middle row of seats in Corzine’s SUV when his two-car motorcade crashed on the Garden State Parkway, but she emerged unscathed.
Corzine, 60, was rumored to have been sitting next to her and not in the front seat with no seat belt as he claimed, said our source. This would better explain why Corzine was found in the very rear of the vehicle by responders to the scene.

Juicy. An ‘intellectual valet’.
And no, major dad, you can’t have one.

11 Responses to “Baby, You Can Ride In My Car”

  1. Manual Trackback. But I’m not sure you’ll want to click on it…

  2. Hahaha. That’s great. major dad can have one of those

  3. nightfly says:

    I wonder if he was moving on her as fast as he was moving on the Parkway.

  4. major dad says:

    Rats! I always wanted one of those.

  5. Mike Rentner says:

    That reminds me of the Admiral in west pac that visited us in Iwakuni with his “intellectual” aide. She was very intellectual.
    Oh, and the three star general Royal Moore whose wife was so lovely that got caught with his intellectual driver in the motel room while his car was being stolen with its crypto equipment inside.
    It takes a lot of chutzpah to call your mistress an “intellectual valet.”

  6. Well, Mike, “chutzpah” IS an Arkansan term having to do with intellectuals and their valets.
    And we were all secretly gloating our tookuses off when Gen. Moore got tripped up with the LCpl.

  7. Mike Rentner says:

    I really liked his wife. I talked with her in the O’Club one quiet day. It was after he took command, and since he flew with us while he was there he asked us to join him at the club. There was hardly anyone there and for some reason I ended up chatting with her quite a while. She was very nice. He’s such a scum to do that to her.

  8. The_Real_JeffS says:

    major dad, I’ll take your intellectual valet, seeing THS is being so finicky.

  9. major dad says:

    Actually they (Moore and the driver) didn’t get caught in the motel room. It was when the cops found out the car was stolen from some motel parking lot that the question was asked to the driver (under the hot lights no doubt) where exactly it was parked that she fessed up that that was where she and the General always went. He still retired a two star, hurt me.

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