Be Still My Beating Heart

‘Cos my Christie Man Crush just keeps growing

Gov. Christie hasn’t changed any principles after all. He overruled Education Commissioner Bret Schundler’s deal with the NJEA that resulted in what was described as compromises but what looked a lot like cave-in in the federal application for Race To The Top, which could result in a $400 million grant for education.

It seems Schundler went a little beyond his leash…and Christie had a little chat with him to remind him who was in charge

In discarding the compromise, Christie publicly scolded Schundler for agreeing to the deal without his approval.

…Christie, who has engaged in a sustained attack on the NJEA since last year’s gubernatorial campaign, was unfazed by the union’s reaction. He minced no words in blaming Schundler either, stressing he will not budge from his core beliefs on how New Jersey’s schools can be improved.

“This is my administration, I’m responsible for it, and I make the decisions,” Christie told reporters during a news conference in West Trenton. “I’m sure we’ll have disagreements in the future. Hopefully, we’ll just handle them a little differently.”

Schundler did not return calls. His spokesman, Alan Guenther, referred questions back to Christie’s office.

The governor said he only learned of the Schundler-NJEA compromise after reading about it in the press. He tore into Schundler on the telephone Friday, one person familiar with the conversation said.

Christie is our last, best hope to rein in the Beast that is our state government. It is incredible to me how people that I talk to are supportive of what he’s trying to do after so many years of it being almost taboo to doubt the Wisdom of our Betters in Trenton.

Now let’s hope the Party machinery doesn’t screw things up and nominate the same sort of faceless hacks that have kept the GOP as the minority party in Jersey for decades. They need to follow Christie and show that they are truly about reforming the Government.

And that’s frankly going to be a tall order for them.

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