Be Syrian Ya Boys!

Denmark’s not at all happy with how Merkel’s invitation is working out

Danish train operator DSB on Wednesday cancelled all rail services to and from Germany as hundreds of migrants refused to leave at least two trains at a busy ferry crossing between the two countries.

“It’s the police who have asked us to do this,” a DSB spokesman told AFP, as several hundred other refugees marched on a motorway hoping to get to Sweden, which has more generous asylum rules than Denmark.

At least two trains carrying around 200 refugees were being held in Rødby, Scandinavia’s busiest ferry crossing to Germany.

The refugees refused to register with Danish authorities, which would mean having to apply for asylum in Denmark or returning to Germany, whereas they want to seek asylum in Sweden.

Some people had tried running from the trains but most of them were detained by police and sent to a refugee centre.

This is not going to end well for Europe.

One Response to “Be Syrian Ya Boys!”

  1. Syd B. says:

    It will take one serious crime event in Germany, committed by a migrant, to cause a reaction from the German population. They have a short fuse and a very limited sense of humor when it comes to protecting their families. Actually, they have a very limited sense of humor at the best of times. Name one German stand-up comic. In any event, I agree that blood will be in the streets before this is over, especially after reading this morning’s claims from ISIS that they have utilized the migration process to send over 4,000 ISIS members across Europe.

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