Boy, Oh, Boy

Somebody must really be sweating the idea of Rick Perry running…

Rick Perry’s Confederate past
Salon Exclusive: The Texas governor’s uncomfortably close ties to groups that glorify the Lost Cause


…What about the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Founded in 1896, it offers genealogical services, sells Confederate memorabilia and literature, and has lobbied to make Confederate flag license plates available around the country, and to keep the Stars and Bars flying at government buildings.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the group experienced years of internal conflict between moderate and radical factions, essentially between those who wanted to focus on maintaining historical sites and supporting research and those who were committed to glorifying the Confederacy — in some cases, out-and-out white supremacists.

The latter faction seems to be in the ascendancy these days.

It must be getting warm in liberal leaning newsrooms…

5 Responses to “Boy, Oh, Boy”

  1. nightfly says:

    It’s a whole lot warmer where some of these people are aiming to stay.

  2. JeffS says:

    It appears that Confederates are the new Nazis.

  3. I thought the KKK was a Democrat resume enhancer??

    Effing hypocrites…

  4. aelfheld says:

    LC Aggie Sith, which incarnation?

    The original night-riding vigilantes trying to maintain some sort of order in the carpet-bagged chaos after the war?

    Or the explicitly racist and xenophobic bunch that appropriated the name in the 1920’s?

    To my knowledge it’s the latter that seems to have spawned so many solons of the Democrat Party.

  5. aelfheld says:

    Disclosure, I am an unofficial CC.

    Further disclosure, I am also an unofficial CAR.

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