Bring Out Your Dead!

And make sure they’re packin’ HEAT!


Doug Wortham used a Defense Department giveaway program for law enforcement to stock his office with an assault rifle, a handgun and a Humvee – even though the people in his custody are in no condition to put up a fight.

They’re dead.

Wortham is the Sharp County, Arkansas, coroner. He says the Humvee helps him navigate the rugged terrain of the Ozarks foothills, but he struggled to explain why he needs the surplus military weapons he acquired more than two years ago.

I just wanted to protect myself,” he said.

From the coming ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE the CDC is lying about, too!

I mean, it IS the Ozarks…

2 Responses to “Bring Out Your Dead!”

  1. JeffS says:

    If he can squeeze the budget for enough ammo, Wortham can have himself a real blastathon….

  2. aelfheld says:

    I want in on this surplus giveaway.

    You know, in case the neighbour’s dogs get out of hand or something.

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