Brothers Can You Spare A Trillion?

It seems the World Bank is skint

The World Bank appealed Monday for more funds as it sees a second straight year of record lending amid the global economic crisis, warning it may have to ration aid to only the poorest countries.

World Bank president Robert Zoellick said that rising aid demand was set to strain the lender’s resources by mid-2010, forcing it to slash lending.

“As we start to get towards the middle of next year, we are going to start to face some serious constraints, and we would have to ration and obviously focus on the lowest-income countries,” Zoellick said at a news conference in Istanbul.

Zoellick said the bank had entered the global financial and economic crisis solidly capitalised but that strong demand exceeded the 100 billion dollars it was prepared to provide over three years.

Has there ever been a governmental or quasi-governmental agency that said “actually, we’ve got enough money”?

2 Responses to “Brothers Can You Spare A Trillion?”

  1. mojo says:

    Just wondering – has anyone ever paid back a World Bank “loan”?

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    Hey, Mojo,
    I recall Romania and a couple of African countries paying them back, but that was before the coups.

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