Calling It a Day Early: The All Powerful, All Seeing Wizard

of ESPN?

…So there you go. Aside from the fact that ESPN is keeping from us vital information about the future — such as, when exactly will the damn dirty apes take over or when and where exactly will our robot overlords land their massive fleet of UFOs — they’ve also just ruined Super Bowl Sunday for all of us by revealing the winner. No need to bother watching the game now. We already know the outcome. Thanks a lot ESPN! Jerks!

Update: As you may have figured out already, ESPN has changed the link and it now directs you to their front page.

Damn dirty apes.

2 Responses to “Calling It a Day Early: The All Powerful, All Seeing Wizard”

  1. nightfly says:

    But was Peyton on the poll? In order for their prediction to be correct, he should have been there too, he’s won once.

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