Can’t Wait! Can’t Wait!! For a Very Important


2 Responses to “Can’t Wait! Can’t Wait!! For a Very Important”

  1. Skyler says:

    I have a negative and visceral reaction to movie cliches. The one I hate most is the person hanging by one hand over a cliff who gets rescued by someone shouting “Give me your hand!” It is so beyond stupid and unrealistic. It ruined most of the Lord of the Rings for me (along with viggo as the choice for Aragon).

    The spaceship turning sideways through a narrow gap is another. But at least here they appear to be mocking the cliche.

    I’m sure I will see this movie. And I’m equally sure that I will be dupisappointed because it will have abandoned the uplifting philosophy of the original series, as has every episode and movie since the original series ended.

  2. Skyler says:

    Also, this continues the past episode’s attempt to make the characters mockeries. Kirk is a buffoon who bluffs his way through situations, whereas the original Kirk was played by a man who later proved to be a likable buffoon but was a serious, disciplined commander in the show.

    I understand that this is an alternate universe and that Spock is now embracing his human half rather than his Vulcan half and that’s okay by me, but the lack of a philosophical base promoting freedom and against oppression from the state will be gone, I’m sure.

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