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What The White House Twitter Feed Looks Like RIGHT NOW

I shit you not.


Somebody needs to be fired.

“Internet Postings That Violate Civil Rights Are Subject to Federal Jurisdiction.”

“That’s what everybody needs to understand,” he said.

Well, I don’t understand. WTF does that mean to your average Joe?

Let’s let the government man in the suit ‘splain:

Group sets meeting to increase tolerance of Muslims, culture

A special meeting has been scheduled for the stated purpose of increasing awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles.

“Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4, at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd.

Special speakers for the event will be Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division.

Sponsor of the event is the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee — a 15-member board formed two years ago when the General Assembly was considering passing legislation that would restrict those who worship Sharia Law, which is followed by Muslims.

Killian and Moore will provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.

This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” Killian told The News Monday. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.

Killian said the presentation will also focus on Muslim culture and how, that although terrorist acts have been committed by some in the faith, they are no different from those in other religions.

They helpfully point our CHRISTIAN TERRORIST TIMOTHY MCVEIGH WHO BLOWED UP A BUILDING, THE WORSTEST TERRORIST THING EVER, UNTIL SEPTEMBER 11 and those other terrorists. (They sneak the Sikh temple RIGHT WING SHOOTER in there, too.) So SEE?!?!?! NO DIFFERENCE!!!!!

LISTEN and LEARN from the GOVERNMENT MAN: APPARENTLY there are only threatened LAWS and CONSEQUENCES for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM if you pick on…MUSLIMS.

NO DIFFERENCE, SEE?!?!?!?! So you can be mean to Baptists, puke on Pastafarians, piss on Presbyterians, crap on Christ and Hoot at Hindus ALL YOU FAROOKIN want.



Now I’m Not Sure That Getting a GED

…should have “educational” anywhere in the title.

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2013 ? Adult basic education and GED programs, with about 800,000 students taking GED tests each year, serve a segment of society that escaped government schools, including many homeschoolers. But the national propaganda effort called the Common Core Curriculum is spreading its tentacles to them.

While many may not take the GED seriously, calling it the “Good Enough Diploma,” consider that quite a few homeschoolers take GED tests as a way to cancel out high school attendance requirements and lessen the record-keeping burden on home educators caused by compulsory attendance laws in every state.

Thus, aligning GED with Common Core has the potential of erasing all the efforts and sacrifices the homeschooling parents have put in to protect their children from the centralized indoctrination.

“What’s he talking about”, you ask? What a doozy of an example he pulls from this GED test preparatory set, called the “GED Scoreboost™” series:

…Below is an excerpt from a larger Social Studies Extended Response, found on page 52 from Writing Across the Tests: Responding to Text on the Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science Test, entitled, “Does Foreign Aid Really Help?”

Those who support sending aid to poor countries do so because poor countries often have high levels of poverty, poor educational systems, an ineffective police and judicial force, and limited public services such as healthcare, transportation networks, and banking systems. They believe that when living conditions are this poor, crime levels tend to be higher. Poorer countries, because they have weak governments, often have areas that attract terrorist groups because no one is there to stop them from pursuing those types of activities. Thus, poor countries are often home to terrorist groups that are free to plan and carry out attacks on the rich, industrialized nations, without fear of being stopped. This is in fact [bold words are mine] what happened on 9/11 when terrorists from Afghanistan hijacked planes and carried out attacks on the United States. In this case, the terrorists originated in a country that had received large amounts of foreign aid from rich countries. Apparently, it didn’t work.

Whoa. DOG.

Read the whole article. Gobschmacking.

Breaking News From Boston

Shootout last night, one suspect dead from gunshot wounds and ‘explosive trauma’ according to live video.

ALL public transportation shut down in Boston.

Update: Damn Presbyterians:

WASHINGTON — AP: Surviving Boston bomb suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

They believe he’s from Chechnya.

A noted Tea Party area.

From the Mayor

Public Service Announcement

Change your clocks on Saturday.

Change your President on Tuesday.

Courtesy of our own Syd. B

Live Hurricane Sandy Coverage Link

ABC Channel 7 New York

Bingley says they’re doing a great job and, from what I’ve seen so far, I agree one hundred percent.

Been some incredible beach/flooding shots and the hints from the ConEd guy they’re talking to right now are FANTASTIC.

Oh Cr*p!

Is this going to be a mess?


Chemical plant explosions in Japan kill one, may cripple global diaper output

By NBC News staff and wire services

OSAKA — Explosions at a chemical plant in Hyogo Prefecture on Saturday killed a firefighter and injured dozens of people, the Japan Times reported, citing local fire department and police officials said. Global production of diapers could be affected because the plant made a key ingredient in a resin used in them, Japanese media reported.

“Explosions at a chemical plant in Hyogo Prefecture on Saturday killed a firefighter and injured dozens of people, the Japan Times reported, citing local fire department and police officials said.”

Does the vaunted NBC News Staff speak Engrish?

Energy-Terrorists: Did Anyone Hear About This?

‘Specially you East Coast types?

8/14/2012 12:39 PM

Bomb squad detonates pipe bomb found near pipeline

The Allegheny County Bomb Squad detonated a live pipe bomb found Monday afternoon near a pipeline under construction off Rural Valley Road, Buffalo Township.
State police said Charles Nicholson of Bridgeville, a gas well driller, found the device about 1 p.m. partially buried near the line. Nicholson had been cleaning the work site.

Sitemeter Is Wierd

I have no idea why this ‘password’ thing is popping up but remember NEVER EVER EVER enter anything in the fields. Just hit ‘cancel’

Memorial Day

A day when we remember, a day when we rightfully honor, those who have sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy those precious gifts that the Founders bequeathed to our care some 225 years ago.

We usually think of this in terms of those who have died fighting for and defending our country and it is proper and appropriate that we do so, for the price they paid to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity was to give up all those things for themselves so that we, we argumentative, vain, impetuous, loving, sharing and kind people that we all are at various times could enjoy them for better or worse.

But we must remember that we need not always look to the graveyard for those we need to honor and thank. Sacrifice in defense of our Liberty does not invariably lead to death, for did not the Founders also pledge their fortunes and their sacred honor when they stood against tyranny, when they stood against those who would deny others their basic rights of free expression?

Thus today we join with many others listed here and here and here and here and here and here among many many others (that I apologize for not listing) in standing up and saying that, no, we will not let this sort of assault go unanswered.


You know what, I’ve been working on this in fits and starts this morning and I just finished reading Patterico’s story in Sis’s post. Nothing I can say will have the barest portion of the power of that.

Darkness at noon.

That’s what we are fighting.

Public Service Announcement

Considering that the FBI says:

FBI: Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Internet in July

For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer.

Unknown to most of them, their problem began when international hackers ran an online advertising scam to take control of infected computers around the world. In a highly unusual response, the FBI set up a safety net months ago using government computers to prevent Internet disruptions for those infected users. But that system is to be shut down.

…I wanted to give you all a chance to check your IPs with their approved partner.

Goodbye Google

Here’s that most rarest of animals: an opinion piece at CNN that I agree pretty much 100% with

Here’s what Google knows about you, what it stores right there on its servers, waiting for a hacker:

Google has every e-mail you ever sent or received on Gmail. It has every search you ever made, the contents of every chat you ever had over Google Talk. It holds a record of every telephone conversation you had using Google Voice, it knows every Google Alert you’ve set up. It has your Google Calendar with all content going back as far as you’ve used it, including everything you’ve done every day since then. It knows your contact list with all the information you may have included about yourself and the people you know. It has your Picasa pictures, your news page configuration, indicating what topics you’re most interested in. And so on.

If you ever used Google while logged in to your account to search for a person, a symptom, a medical side effect, a political idea; if you ever gossiped using one of Google’s services, all of this is on Google’s servers. And thanks to the magic of Google’s algorithms, it is easy to sift through the information because Google search works like a charm. Google can even track searches on your computer when you’re not logged in for up to six months.

I’ve looked at reports on this new policy, though I haven’t read all of it as this author has, and I can tell you that as of March 1st I’m done with them. My google, gmail and youtube accounts will be closed. For my friends on various blogger, well, I will be only commenting there if I can do so anonymously from now on (this may in fact not be a loss for you). Any searches I do will be using bing or some other engine, not google.

I will be contacting my Congress Critters and requesting that they introduce the following legislation:

The Preservation Of Online Privacy Act of 2012

(POOP for short)

As of 30 (thirty) days from the date of POOP’s passage no company may keep data containing identifiable information concerning internet usage of an individual for more than 3 (three) years from the date of the online activity without either express written consent of the person(s) so involved or a court order specifically listing potential felonies and specifically limited thereto. The data must be deleted on a monthly basis.

Violations of POOP will be punishable by fines of at least but not limited to $1000 per mb (megabyte) of data in the aggregate per day.

Just a Note, Bingley

Occupy Wall Street has just announced they’re going to SHUT DOWN Wall Street Thursday.

Bring a raincoat, I guess, for flying feces, etc.

UPDATE: Here’s the “official” line, augmenting blurb I heard at work on Cavuto:

Protesters hope to shut down Wall Street on Thursday — home to the New York Stock Exchange — by holding a street carnival to mark the two-month anniversary of their campaign against economic inequality.

Protest organizers acknowledged that the “day of action” could be the group’s most provocative yet, and could lead to mass arrests and further strain relations with city authorities.

“I think we’re certainly going into this with our eyes wide open, but (the march is) to provoke ideas and discussion, not to provoke any violent reactions,” said Occupy Wall Street spokesman Ed Needham.

“I think it is very difficult to do a day of action and not expect some sort of reaction from the (authorities),” he said.

The protesters plan to march to Wall Street from their camp headquarters in a park two blocks away and then spread out across the city’s subway system to tell the stories of disenfranchised Americans. They will reconvene later on Thursday for a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

This Is Brilliant

This is recycling that actually works

Perhaps you’ve performed that old camping trick before, where you created a lantern by shining a flashlight into a water-filled bottle. While that may have helped you find your marshmallows in the dark, imagine how much brighter that bottle would have been if it were lit directly by the Sun. Bright enough, it turns out, that it could brilliantly light up the interior of a one-room house. That’s the idea behind the Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light) project – it’s bringing daytime indoor lighting to the homes of the poor in the Philippines, by installing water-filled plastic pop bottles through holes in their roofs.

Pretty damned cool.

Real Men May Wear Pink Shirts

But they really shouldn’t touch pink pistols

As Chandler residents Joshua Seto, 27, and his fiancée, Cara Christopher, walked over to a Fry’s Food Store for refreshments, he tried securing her pink handgun in the front waistband of his pants.

The gun fired, striking Seto’s…

I can’t bring myself to type the rest.

Go read it.

Android MalWare Records Your Phone Calls

And here you just thought it was Uncle Sam.

New Android Malware Records Your Phone Calls

Security researchers at CA Security have identified new malware that surreptitiously records conversations on Android phones, the company wrote Monday on its official blog.

The new threat to devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system is an advance on earlier Android Trojans examined by CA Security that unleash payloads which log incoming and outgoing call details and durations in a text file, according to researcher Dinesh Venkatesan.

“This Trojan is more advanced as it records the conversation itself in ‘amr’ format,” Venkatesan said. “Also it [conducts] many other malicious activities that we have seen in many of the earlier malware incidents targeted for [the] Android platform.”

I still have my raspberry colored Razr and I talk nice to it constantly.

I will NOT go quietly into that dark smart night.

ATTENTION! D.C. Short One Blowhard

Strange, but true.

Marine Band
Outdoor Summer Concerts in D.C., New York; Tuba vacancy via #constantcontact

If you know where someone who blows hard can be found, give them this number.

Please Always Wear Your Seatbelts

Accidents happen.

Getting ejected from your car on the highway need not.

Of the seven passengers in the Expedition, five of them – two female and three male – were ejected from the vehicle onto the center median as well as the northbound local lanes. The three male ejected passengers are confirmed dead.

None of the five ejected were wearing their seat belts.


That’s the SUV in the center in the Express lanes, and to the right you can see where the people ended up in the Local lanes. You can tell from the photo how foggy it was yesterday, too.

Happy Flag Day

May we honor and defend her.

Got Some Questions for the GOP? This Could Be Your Chance!

CBS wants them…supposedly.

(CBS News) On Monday, June 13, CBS News will conduct a special town hall on the economy with key Republicans, hosted by “Face the Nation” anchor Bob Schieffer and “The Early Show” co-Anchor Erica Hill.

Many of the questions used will be from viewers. You can send them to us via:

E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Senators Tom Coburn (Okla.), Representatives Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Allen West (Fla.), and Governor Nikki Haley (S.C.) will address economic issues during the town hall before a live audience at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis will facilitate questions from a nationwide online audience via a special partnership with YouTube.

The town hall will be broadcast on Tuesday, June 14 during the 8:00-9:00 a.m. ET hour of “The Early Show.” Excerpts from the June 13 event will be broadcast later that evening on the “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.”

Mad Stylin Skillz

As some of our more astute readers have noticed the Style Sheets have been, um, feisty over the past day or so. I had updated one of the cache plugins (the one that allows us to weather all those Instalanches) and it evidently wasn’t so polished. So I ixnayed it and when a few hours later the author released an “improved” version I loaded that.

Only it wasn’t quite ready for prime time either.

So for the moment we are a cache-free society.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

I shit you not.

DoD Spending $600,000* on Sculpture of Fairy Riding Toad

*To be fair, it’s one of four finalists. And it IS ten feet tall.

And gurgles.

“Hire a Security Guard”

Not the kind of viral video BofA really needs.

Prelude To The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Via Ace, here’s another reason to burn down the rain forest

Scientists have identified four new species of brain-controlling fungi that turn ants into zombies that do the parasite’s bidding before it kills them.

Identified from samples collected at two sites in Brazil’s tropical rain forest, each of the four species specializes in controlling a different species of carpenter ant.

…Once it infects an ant, the fungus uses as-yet-unidentified chemicals to control the ant’s behavior, Hughes told LiveScience. It directs the ant to leave its colony (a very un-ant-like thing to do), vote Democratic in every election it can and bite down on the underside of a leaf — the ant’s soon-to-be resting place. Once it is killed by the fungus, the ant remains anchored in place, thanks to its death grip on the leaf.

Ultimately, the fungus produces a long stalk that protrudes from the ant’s head (much like Nancy Pelosi’s hairstyle), shooting spores out in the hopes of infecting other ants. Two of the four newly discovered species also sprouted smaller stalks elsewhere, including from the victim’s feet and lower leg joints – the equivalent of knees.

Save the world: Destroy the Rain Forests.

Do it for the children.

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