Checking My #WhitePrivilege for Culpability: Nope

Wasn’t me.

Sun-Times Breaking UPDATE: 7 dead, 38 injured in July 4th weekend shootings.

ths update:

Fourth of July weekend shootings have left EIGHT people dead — including a 7-year-old boy — and at least 42 others injured since Thursday evening.

ths update redux: WHAT was that I was saying below…?

Supt. McCarthy: Slain Boy’s Dad A ‘Ranking’ Gang Member, Not Cooperating With Authorities

Including a seven year old, precious baby boy, shot in the chest while watching fireworks.

This is ONE. Frickin’. WEEKEND. In the city.

But let’s all piss and moan about cops, as if this carnage happened every weekend at the hands of police officers, shall we? Let’s totally abrogate our responsibility as a community to look in the mirror and act, instead of blame the world for what happens in your own household, in the street in front of your house and to your children. Let’s blame every white person in the United States for the fact that the predators in your community prey on you and yours unimpeded, while the perpetual, professional victim grievance committees point everywhere but in the mirror.

No cop killed those people this weekend. Or the weekend before. Or the one before that. No confederate flag flew as they gunned down a child. And, once his family wails in anguish and the sobs subside, no one will remember that baby boy at all. Because I guarantee you, there will be another shortly to take his place.

And no one will march for them, nor will their names become a national symbol of the disgrace that this violence against each other truly is, yet many of you will jump yet again behind the usual attention whores when a police shooting goes horribly wrong. Or the rare nutcase goes on a rampage. Without ever demanding of those bombastic, self aggrandizing “leaders” of yours accountability for their absence in the face of the internecine war in your own front yard.

4 Responses to “Checking My #WhitePrivilege for Culpability: Nope”

  1. David Crawford says:

    Don’t forget that the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois would rather go after an ordinary person who owns a gun for self-protection than go after the thugs with guns.

  2. JeffS says:

    After a couple generations of abrogating personal responsibilities, from which everyone becomes a victim of something or someone, and people being conditioned to think that mental illness is a right, insanity seems to be the inevitable outcome.

    And the insane are in charge. God help us all.

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    Mr. Crawford,
    The law-abiding citizen is not likely to shoot back. The thug is. QED

    In Britain it has gone so far that the police will arrest a citizen and charge him with murder for killing a criminal who broke into his house.

    The leftists think of criminals as “social allies” for their war against American institutions. That’s why they became so entwined with street gangs in the 60s and 70s. Now, with twits like de Blasio, it’s happening again. Already the muggers are prowling Central Park once more.

  4. aelfheld says:

    It has been said that life in a state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. It wouldn’t be a stretch to note that much of Chicago is as close to a state of nature as one can get without abandoning the conveniences of modern life.

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