Climate Change!

The damn-you-bush-it’s-so-warm-we’ll-never-see-snow-again non-Winter continues to take its toll

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard crews kept up their battle Monday to clear pathways for vessels hauling vital raw materials on the ice-clogged Great Lakes, where a shipping logjam forced a weeklong shutdown of the nation’s largest steel factory.

Traffic remained largely at a crawl after a winter that produced some of the heaviest ice on record across the five inland seas, where more than half the surface area remained solid this week. Icebreaking ships slogging across Lake Superior were still encountering ice layers 2 feet to 3 feet thick. In some areas, wind and wave action created walls of ice up to 14 feet high.

…Only three ships were able to haul coal on the lakes in March, their cargos combining for 102,000 tons – down 70 percent from the same month in 2013, he said. Coal trade was 54 percent below the long-term first-quarter average.

…The shipping season officially began two weeks ago with the opening of navigational locks on the St. Marys River connecting Lakes Superior and Huron, a bottleneck for vessels hauling iron ore and coal to manufacturers and electric power plants. But just one convoy of vessels – including two icebreakers and the two ships hauling iron ore – had traversed Superior with loads of freight.

If only they all converted to wind and solar, there would be flowers blooming and birds sweetly singing all the year round.

3 Responses to “Climate Change!”

  1. Syd B. says:

    But…but, the name, “Climate change” captures all temperature now. They made up a whole nother climate on spec, attached one end to the present, stapled the other end onto the future, conveniently, called it “climate change”, waved it around and demanded we should go hungry in the dark now so we won’t go hungry in the dark later. Huh? And for the privilege we should pay them, now and forever. Just to keep things honest, any challenge that doesn’t rely wholly on their analysis is a criminal act, or near enough

  2. aelfheld says:

    Who let Al Gore go swimming?

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    “If only they all converted to wind and solar, there would be flowers blooming and birds sweetly singing all the year round.”

    Um. But wouldn’t that be global warming???

    Catch 22.

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