Community Activism AT ITS FINEST

A GANG RAPE, with EIGHTEEN individuals between 14 and 27 years old, charged thus far.

…On Thursday, Quanell X, a community activist, traveled from Houston to help stage a town hall meeting called to address rising concerns — especially in Cleveland’s African-American community — about the case.

Among other issues, he said that the girl didn’t do enough to stop the alleged assailants.

The victim who “didn’t do enough” was 11 years old.

UPDATE: And the ALWAYS impartial New York Times seems to have fanned the “blame the victim” flames with the tenor of their “reporting”:

CLEVELAND, Tex. — The police investigation began shortly after Thanksgiving, when an elementary school student alerted a teacher to a lurid cellphone video that included one of her classmates.

The video led the police to an abandoned trailer, more evidence and, eventually, to a roundup over the last month of 18 young men and teenage boys on charges of participating in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in the abandoned trailer home, the authorities said.

Five suspects are students at Cleveland High School, including two members of the basketball team. Another is the 21-year-old son of a school board member. A few of the others have criminal records, from selling drugs to robbery and, in one case, manslaughter. The suspects range in age from middle schoolers to a 27-year-old.

The case has rocked this East Texas community to its core and left many residents in the working-class neighborhood where the attack took place with unanswered questions.

Among them is, if the allegations are proved, how could their young men have been drawn into such an act?

And it gets worse. The eleven year old little hussy dressed “like a woman in her 20’s” and hung out by the railroad tracks and had the nerve to accept a ride from one of these choir boys.

She’s Hispanic. Her accused attackers are black.

The New York Times apparently thinks that a Hispanic victim can excuse a lot as far as those impressionable lads are concerned, “drawn” into the situation by the wiles of an 11 year old, Carmen-like seductress.

And the Old Grey Mare says their coverage is “still developing”. (Like 11 year olds tend to do, if given a chance, eh? Assholes. Only imagine how fast the coverage would develop if it had been 18 young white males…) (Don’t imagine. Ask the Duke lacrosse team. And their cameras EXONERATED them!)

And now she’s in foster care thanks to threats. (Stars from the high school basketball team are on the assault tape, as well as the 21 year old son of a school board member, just to name a few.)

But contrary to the New York Times defense motion, maybe she wasn’t Carmen.

Maybe she was just…11.

…Cleveland police say the 11-year-old was sexually assaulted inside that trailer and a small blue house with white trim around the corner.

The assaults happened Nov. 28 after a 19-year-old with prior drug convictions persuaded the young girl to leave her house and go “riding around” with him and two other young men, according to a Cleveland police officer’s sworn statement.

They first went to the blue house, where she was ordered to disrobe. If she refused, the statement said, she was warned other girls would beat her up and she would never get a ride back home.

Soon she was having sex with multiple young men there, the statement said. Someone used a phone to invite four more men, who soon arrived.

Not long afterward, the group fled through a back window when they heard a relative of one of the teens arriving at the blue house. The 11-year-old left behind her bra and panties as the group moved to the nearby abandoned trailer, where the assaults continued. As the men had sex with the girl, others used their cell phones to take photographs and video, police said.

Fine, upstanding citizens.

Great school you got there.

UPDATE: I see Ace was all over the Old Grey Mare on Sunday.

UPDATE: As of Saturday, the townsfolk were still clamoring for justice for innocence lost blaming an 11 year old for putting the moves on their menfolk. Oh, yes they were.

CLEVELAND, Texas — A meeting Thursday night that was billed as a way to discuss concerns some have about the investigation into a series of alleged sexual assaults on an 11-year-old girl turned into a forum that many used to blame the girl police contend is the victim of heinous attacks.

Many who attended the meeting said they supported the group of men and boys who have been charged in the case.

Supporters didn’t claim that the men and boys did not have sex with the young girl; instead they blamed the girl for the way she dressed or claimed she must have lied about her age

— accusations that have drawn strong responses from those who note an 11-year-old cannot consent to sex and that it doesn’t matter how she was dressed.

8 Responses to “Community Activism AT ITS FINEST

  1. major dad says:

    Some people just need to be lined up and shot. After due process of course except the idiot who said the 11 year old didn’t do enough to stop it, just shoot him period.

  2. Laura says:

    Absolutely disgusting.

  3. mojo says:

    Shootin’s too quick. Hang the bastards.

  4. Jilly says:

    I always said that if something tragic happened to one of my kids, the media would be last place you would find me. I think I would make an exception in this case.

  5. JeffS says:

    I read about this at The Other McCain…..and it still infuriates me.

    What Major Dad said.

  6. Julie says:

    Do not get me started on Quannell. Former drug dealer, embarassment to the Houston community… (eyeroll) An example of his thoughts: “[i]f you feel that you just got to mug somebody because of your hurt and your pain, go to River Oaks and mug you some good white folks. If you’re angry that our brother is put to death, don’t burn down your own community, give
    these white folks hell from the womb to the tomb.”
    What a cluster.

  7. greg newsom says:

    Those 18 young males probably each two or three illegimate children of their own.
    Welcome to the new world order.

  8. Kate P says:

    “I did not come here this evening to jump on an 11-year-old girl”? Seriously, he used the phrase “jump on”? Is he smoking something?

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