Considering She Caused All the Commotion and Has Admitted Lying to Police

…I have absolutely no problem if Florida slaps her mendacious ass with the bill.

Whatever happens at sentencing, some still want Casey Anthony to pay

…Now, Florida officials are asking that Anthony repay the state for the enormous cost of investigating the case.

In a motion filed Wednesday, the state is urging a judge to set a hearing so it can tally up costs and slap Anthony with the bill.

“The efforts and costs of the investigation were extensive and not immediately available and accordingly, the State of Florida respectfully requests this Court to set a hearing within 60 days to determine total costs,” the motion says.

The motion cites a Florida law that allows the state to fine defendants in criminal cases to recoup money spent.

And Jeffrey Toobin?

…”I think that is such a bogus move by the state,” CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on CNN’s “John King USA.”

“Casey Anthony won and the state lost,” he said. “The state’s got to deal with that fact. Maybe they should be better at their jobs, not trying to sue the winner of this case. I just think that this is silly, trivial, demeaning to all concerned.”

Suck a stone, dude. This isn’t poor Richard Jewel, followed and hounded to within an inch of his life, through no fault of his own. Casey Anthony LED the merry chase, admitted her obfuscations and perjuries, and consequently CONVICTED for those very LIES by a jury of her peers. Usually one has to fork over compensation in addition, if the injured parties want to pursue it.

Okay with me.

She has no visible means of support…yet. But this is a tabloid world and she’ll be well off, until she blows through whatever largesse her notoriety earns her.

So get your dibs in now, guys.

UPDATE: Old boy judge hit her with everything and her smile went away real fast:

Casey Anthony gets four years in jail with credit for time served

(CNN) — Casey Anthony — the former murder suspect who spent about three years in jail awaiting trial — has been sentenced to four years in jail, but a judge will give her credit for time served.

He ran the year per charge consecutively.


UPDATE: The judge is letting her out on July 13th. So 6 more days in jail.

And that’s that.

8 Responses to “Considering She Caused All the Commotion and Has Admitted Lying to Police”

  1. Ave says:

    If Ms. Anthony’s lies cost the state money she should reimburse the state. Simple. Stupid.

  2. ricki says:

    I agree with Ave.

    I also expect the last we’ll hear of her is in some kind of party-related death. Sad, but that’s what I expect.

  3. Syd B. says:

    As much as I’d like to see this bitch fry, I’m very uncomfortable with a precedent this would set. Lets face it. Hatred for the woman aside, the outcome of this trial was the result of a poorly thought out strategy by the prosecution and the failure of law enforcement to find the body. Again, as much as I hate the outcome, I admire the jurors for having the courage to react exactly as the law required them to.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    I’m with you completely, Syd. I firmly believe in the death penalty, but ONLY, ONLY where there is irrefutable PHYSICAL evidence. And these prosecutors had bupkes. However guilty in your heart you know the bitch is ~ and we all know she is ~ you don’t KILL someone because her car stank and she got a tattoo. There wasn’t one fingerprint on duct tape or trashbag ~ nothing. The jurors had it right. The prosecutors should have gone for something that would have put her away for 20 years and it would have been a slam dunk.

  5. nightfly says:

    Sad but true, Ms. Sister. Although I will note that one big reason that law enforcement couldn’t find the poor child was BECAUSE dear Mama was a lying, calculating bitch. She succeeded in stalling long enough to degrade what evidence there may have been to find.

  6. Syd B. says:

    I doubt law enforcement often uses the excuse for not solving a case that their suspect wouldn’t cooperate.

  7. major dad says:

    I can see the State’s angle if she knew the child was already dead, i.e. the drowning, she allowed the investigations to go on knowing that fact. She could have prevented that. This must be the first case where the defense claimed an accident had occured and the defendent then proceeded to make it look like a murder to protect herself? I think they made a mistake going for murder one and the death penalty. None of the talking heads have mentioned it that I have seen but I was taken by her expression after the verdict was read, it was not a hell yes I’m innocent but more of a holy shit I got away with it look, IMHO of course.

  8. tree hugging sister says:

    Great explanation of the aggravated manslaughter of a child charge here and, in retrospect, easy to see why the jury didn’t go for the parameters of a conviction on that either. As my honey says, she got away with it, oh, yes, indeedy. A lesser charge would have taken care of that look when they read the verdicts. Hell, no one would even know who Casey Anthony was.

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