Days Of Whine And Rages

Currently I think there are far more cops on Wall Street than there are protesters. In fact, I know there are, because I saw zero protesters this morning. Granted, it was 5:30 when I walked down Wall Street but still, when one is fighting for justice and committed to overthrow this oppressive system one would think a little sacrifice, a willingness to endure some measure of hardship, would be called for.

But evidently not.

There seemed to be a few folks camped out in the little park on Liberty Street and Broadway, you know the one where the little old men and the younger hustlers used to play chess in the days pre-9/11? But even they were out numbered by the news vans and crew.

And everyone is outnumbered by the barricades the police have set up, designed to funnel and herd folks into single-file lines as they walk from Trinity Church down the length of Wall Street.

Ought to be fun at lunch time when all the tourists are trying to move about.

3 Responses to “Days Of Whine And Rages”

  1. JeffS says:

    Zombie has a pretty good report on this “Day of Rage”, covering 3 cities.

    Cliff Notes version: Another liberal flop.

  2. nightfly says:

    Well, it’s cold at oh-dark-thirty. You can’t Fight the Man without a latte first… and maybe read the Times while you’re there, because those greedy corporate bastards won’t stock the Village Voice.

  3. Ave says:

    The Zombie report was enjoyable – the raging revolutionaries look well-fed to me.

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