Dear Sir Paul

Piss off

Later, McCartney ended the night by saying, in reference to the prize from the Library of Congress, it was good that after the last eight years, America had a president who knew what a library was.

Kind regards,

Mr. Bingley

15 Responses to “Dear Sir Paul”

  1. Suzette says:

    Would have been even better if the Beatles had bass player who knew what a gold digger was.

  2. Skyler says:

    Biting the hand . . .

  3. Gary from Jersey says:

    Anyone who writes music as insipid as his has a right to criticize because …

  4. Jim - PRS says:

    Somehow I don’t think one would have had to elbow Paul aside to get into the Liverpool Library.

  5. barking spider says:

    I agree with Skylar. With one stupid crack Sir Paul pissed away 45 years of good will he had with a lot of people, myself included.

  6. major dad says:

    F@#*koff douche bag. Really, who gives a rat’s ass what this asshat has to say?

  7. nightfly says:

    After 45 years, it would be nice if England had a songwriter who knew what tact was.

  8. JeffS says:

    STFU, Paul.

  9. Gunslinger says:

    Stinking coward, Paul is.

  10. Gunslinger says:

    If Obama knows what a library is, he should read up on things like integrity, leadership, courage, candor, and humility.

  11. Kate P says:

    Um, Paul? Our former first lady was a LIBRARIAN. Maybe you should go to one for some help with research before you attempt another witty remark.

  12. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hahahahaha, Kate, that is perfect!

  13. nightfly says:

    LOL! Kate wins!

  14. Michael Lonie says:

    Not only that but Dubya read an average of more than one book a week, most of them serious, during his presidency. I have yet to see any evidence that the I Won has read any serous books since he graduated from Law School (assuming he did so there, and did not get thorugh via the Law School equivalent of Cliff Notes). I sent him three books on the crisis in Islam when he came to DC, and have yet to see any actions of his reflecting a reading of them.

  15. Dr Alice says:

    What a m#f*&ing loser jerk. That really makes me mad.

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