Der Spiegel: Hey, This Guy Really Is An Empty Suit!

You know, the bad part about falling in love is that sometimes you fall out of it

Never before has a speech by President Barack Obama felt as false as his Tuesday address announcing America’s new strategy for Afghanistan. It seemed like a campaign speech combined with Bush rhetoric — and left both dreamers and realists feeling distraught.

…One didn’t have to be a cadet on Tuesday to feel a bit of nausea upon hearing Obama’s speech. It was the least truthful address that he has ever held. He spoke of responsibility, but almost every sentence smelled of party tactics. He demanded sacrifice, but he was unable to say what it was for exactly.

An additional 30,000 US soldiers are to march into Afghanistan — and then they will march right back out again. America is going to war — and from there it will continue ahead to peace. It was the speech of a Nobel War Prize laureate.

At a time when we, and the world, needs a firm hand on the tiller we have indecision, vacillation and poll-driven “vision.” A scary and dangerous combination.

6 Responses to “Der Spiegel: Hey, This Guy Really Is An Empty Suit!”

  1. tree hugging sister says:

    I hope they feel dirty…

  2. Suzette says:

    This is how bad it is: Mr.Sami, a well-known addict of cable news programming, was found sitting in front of a Roomba commercial this morning in order to avoid hearing anything about the CoC or his speech last night.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    I believe that’s one of the Seven Signs of the Impending Apocalypse, Suzette.

    (oh, and I bought a Roomba last month, but that’s another story)

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    The strange thing about this is that Spiegel stops at nothing to bash the U.S. Now they’re going at their guy in the WH. Nothing they write about America should cause anyone here to lose sleep, or think maybe the German elite finally got a clue.

  5. JeffS says:

    Gary, I think Der Spiegel can best be described as “Clueless American Bashers Who Dimly Realize Just How Clueless They Truly Are.”

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    Wait. THAT doesn’t spell “spiegel”…

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