Did You Know That?

I sure didn’t.

It is a VERY big deal that the Ritz-Carlton, Las Vegas is closing.

The White House is very much to blame for this, with the current president’s repeated, highly stupid remarks about business people not being allowed to go on junkets to Vegas anymore. What this president lacks the experience and wisdom to understand is that words have meaning and consequences. By attacking Vegas, he empowered bean counters across corporate America to raise Hell about any Vegas trips on expense accounts…and particularly any charges with a Ritz-Carlton associated with trips.

Do you realize that Ritz-Carltons are non-union hotels that pay WAY MORE than union properties do?

The reason Ritzes don’t unionize is because their lowest wages, in most places, are about $4-5 dollars higher than any competitors. They select the best of the best for their staff, and pay them very well. Housekeepers, who’d have to work two jobs at other hotels, can work one at a Ritz, get health insurance, and qualify for all sorts of bonuses, rewards, and special incentives.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is a fabulous employer. It is an honor to work for them.

Well, thank Hopey-Change Dr. Utopia for costing hundreds of people their jobs in Vegas, now that the Ritz there has been forced to close. It’s a 350 room property, so it easily employs about 400 people. Since it was a top-paying employer, that’s 400 people who are not only out of work, but are shucked into a labor market that’s already highly competitive…and where they will not be able to find similar jobs for the same pay.

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