Didn’t Really “Connect” With Obama’s Speech?

Well, according to CNN, it’s not his fault you’re stupid

(CNN) — President Obama’s speech on the gulf oil disaster may have gone over the heads of many in his audience, according to an analysis of the 18-minute talk released Wednesday.

Tuesday night’s speech from the Oval Office of the White House was written to a 9.8 grade level, said Paul J.J. Payack, president of Global Language Monitor. The Austin, Texas-based company analyzes and catalogues trends in word usage and word choice and their impact on culture.

Though the president used slightly less than four sentences per paragraph, his 19.8 words per sentence “added some difficulty for his target audience,” Payack said.

So I guess this explains the problems that MSNBC’s pundits had with the speech.

(CNN, on the other, is chock full of high-falutin’ interlexyalls who completely understand all the nuanced suavity that the President meant to impart on us more simpler folks…and who don’t understand the difference between “less” and “fewer.”)

CNN: The “We got your back, Mr. President” Network.

10 Responses to “Didn’t Really “Connect” With Obama’s Speech?”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Many of the commenters are even worse with their Obama worship.

  2. JeffS says:

    CNN has gotten part of O!bama’s anatomy, but it ain’t his back.

    And this is yet another reason to avoid flying: all the airports have CNN on their TV screens.

  3. nightfly says:

    Polonius talked a lot too.

    More matter with less art, Mr. President.

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    I get it now. The Clinton News Network says I’m stupid for disagreeing with with them. Maybe I’ll improve when I get that GED.

  5. Yojimbo says:


    “Fewer” dems, “less” tyranny.

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    By George, Yojimbo’s got it!

  7. mojo says:

    I love it when people assume I’m a moron. It makes it so easy to rob them.

  8. major dad says:

    Just who was his target audience then? Middleschoolers? Having done some work with reading levels, I can say that reading level comprehension and verbal comprehension are two different animals. These guys are the morons and they just can’t bring themselves to admit their chosen one is a moron too.

  9. Cullen says:

    And then they’ll go on to prove that black is white and get killed in the next zebra crossing.

  10. mojo says:

    Usta be I couldn’t spell “Journalist”, now I is one…

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