That’s all I have to say about this

Argentina was celebrating a diplomatic coup yesterday in its attempt to force Britain to accept talks on the future of the Falkland Islands, after a two-hour meeting in Buenos Aires between Hillary Clinton and President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Responding to a request from Mrs Kirchner for “friendly mediation” between Britain and Argentina, Mrs Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said she agreed that talks were a sensible way forward and offered “to encourage both countries to sit down”.

Her intervention defied Britain’s longstanding position that there should be no negotiations unless the islands’ 3,000 inhabitants asked for them. It was hailed in Buenos Aires as a major diplomatic victory, but condemned in the Falklands.

4 Responses to “Disgusting”

  1. nightfly says:

    Hmph. Somebody is trying to get on Chavez’ good side. What a disgrace. I miss the old days, when Obama was subtle about his middle fingers.

  2. major dad says:

    They are completely oblivious and I would argue incompetent. The U.K. should tell Clinton to blow it out her ass and just remind the folks in Buenos Aires what happened the last time they tried to take the Falklands.

  3. I second that, Major Dad.
    It may be that this will save the entire Labour government in GB. That’s if they decide to tell the Argies to sod off.

  4. Greg Newsom says:

    What will probably happen is Argentina will overrun the islands with immigrants,with tacit US approval,and than,like in Kosovo,claim domiknation.Kosovo is now an independent Islamic nation.
    I always thought the Palestinians should have been offered the FalklaNDS AS A HOMELAND,to solve the middle
    Otherwise,they belong to Britian.

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