Dog Medicine Strategery

Sly Method used on First Day Bride was away


Sly Method used on Second Day Bride was away


Happy Result?


Total Canine Attention.

5 Responses to “Dog Medicine Strategery”

  1. Julie says:

    Oooh I love that pupper’s face :). He must be more gullible than the dachshund I was dogsitting. I tried to slip him some Benadryl so he’d sleep through the night, but he carefully ate the food and – ptooie! – spit out the Benadryl. If I tried to open the capsule and mix the powder in food, he could smell it and wouldn’t eat the food. I went through a dozen capsules before I gave up and popped two pills so that at least one of us would sleep through the night….
    (Just curious, what’s the medicine for? Nothing serious, I hope?)

  2. JeffS says:

    I’ve heard that wrapping the pill up in bread and peanut butter does the trick.

    But with your labradork, anything edible goes, eh?

  3. Kate P says:

    Ha ha, clever. (Whatta cute face.) I knew somebody who used liverwurst to give arthritis pills to a golden. But liverwurst is kinda gross to have all over your hands.

    Dogs are definitely easier to pill than cats, though; my parents probably spend more on Pill Pockets than the actual medication for the elderly cat.

  4. Dave E. says:

    Given the way she hoovers any human food that gets within reach, you would think such tactics would work on my labradork. Nope. It doesn’t matter how hidden or tasty the food, she will detect and spit out a capsule like that. That’s why I am grateful that her PPA is a chewable tablet that she now thinks is a “piece of candy”.

  5. Retread says:

    My dog was never fooled by the wrapping, either. She could detect the smallest pill and spit it out after eating the treat. Finally solved the problem when the vet showed me how to do the two handed pill pop and hit that spot beyond the dog’s tongue so she couldn’t spit it out. She looked so hurt that I had to give her the treat anyway.

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