Don’t Look Now, But That LONG TIME AGO “Fast and Furious”?

It be BLOWING UP fast.

Most importantly…

Helpfully fron Sharyl…

I have SUCH a GIRL crush on Attkisson. She deserves a Pulitzer.

I also hope she has at least FIFTEEN years of receipts saved…

One Response to “Don’t Look Now, But That LONG TIME AGO “Fast and Furious”?”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    IIRC, 7 is what’s required, so 15 should do it…

    Back to the old days, and a friend of mine who was a tax consultant. (As I was, also at the time.) He had a client who was a victim of identity theft – SSN, to be exact. Seems she had a full time job in Florida (legit) and a full time job in northern Georgia (not legit and with no taxes withheld).
    He attempted to explain this to the IRS, they proceeded to request the additional tax from his client.
    So…he said, ok, we’ll do it your way. And he filed an amended return which gave her daily driving expenses between SW Florida and Atlanta in order to work both jobs. The IRS fixed things in VERY short order – she would have gotten everything refunded under those rules.
    Yes, you can kick the IRS in the butt, playing by their rules.

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