“Don’t Worry, We Got This” Update

The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has died.

The two health care workers who were brought back from Africa and survived were brought back under extraordinary circumstances, with the best medical care and an experimental vaccine ~ one we are currently out of of. What you haven’t heard much about is the two Spanish priests who received that vaccine and still perished.

…It is unclear why the rare drug is being given to the Norwegian woman rather than critically ill Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man diagnosed in the US, and the decision could prove controversial.

Two Spanish missionaries treated with ZMapp died and it is impossible to tell whether it helped cure the other patients or their recovery was down to other factors.

This Ebola patient and the NBC cameraman were/are receiving another experimental vaccine, whose development had nothing to DO with Ebola, but WHAT THE HELL. Give it a shot when it’s ALL YOU’VE GOT, right?

UN: OK to use untested Ebola drugs in outbreak

You know what I hate? I hate the thought that’s whapping ’round in my head right now.

We have FOUR thousand American troops headed over there ~ NOT medical professionals, but TROOPS. Do you know what they are? Guinea pigs. Lab rats. Because WHAT can a soldier, sailor or Marine NOT do? Refuse experimental treatment, nor can they sue for malpractice damages, regardless of DOD language saying a member “must give informed consent.” I vividly remember the explosion about the experimental anthrax vaccines (Section G) they started pumping into our guys when the first Gulf War started ~ both me and major dad, who WAS on his way to Saudi Arabia, were active duty United States Marines. (I believe there was a Supreme Court decision as well ~ or a refusal to hear ~ basically reasserting the govt’s rights to do as they saw fit.)

Just yesterday, General Rodriguez of AfriCom had to walk back statements he made (I heard them live and about pooped ma drawers) that (Get this):

General: U.S. military could be in Liberia for one year to help contain Ebola outbreak
Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of U.S. Africa Command, said nearly 4,000 U.S. service members will have direct contact with victims. Military personnel will provide logistical support to Liberia.

He scuttled backwards faster than a crab from boiling water about 40 minutes later.

But WHO you gonna believe?

ths update: Re: checking sniffly noses and puke bags at a couple airports. Let me add one more cheerful thought for your day, from someone whom I respect immensely:

SOUTHCOM Commander: Ebola Outbreak in Central America Could Cause Mass Migration to U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The head of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) warned an Ebola outbreak in Central America or the Caribbean could trigger a mass migration to the U.S. of people fleeing the disease and implied established Central American illegal trafficking networks could introduce the infected into the U.S., during remarks at a Tuesday panel on security issues in the Western Hemisphere at the National Defense University.

If it comes to the Western Hemisphere, the countries that we’re talking about have almost no ability to deal with it — particularly in Haiti and Central America,” SOUTHCOM Commander, Marine Gen. John F. Kelly, said in response to a question of his near term concerns in the region.

It will make the 68,000 unaccompanied minors look like a small problem.

“Almost NO ability to deal with it” and that’s saying we DO… 🙁

8 Responses to ““Don’t Worry, We Got This” Update”

  1. JeffS says:

    Yeah, this gives me real warm and fuzzier.

    Even assuming that the contagion factor is (I believe 1 person can infect 2 others), Ebola can be pandemic if we have thousands of people flooding our borders, and infecting others.

    Which is what happened in Africa, BTW.

    Thanks,, Washington, DC.

  2. Dr Alice says:

    Canned food. Ammunition.

    I’m thinking about this more and more. If it comes here to L.A., I’ll do my duty but I also will make damn sure I don’t go anywhere near my family for as long as it takes until things clear.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Did you see the latest from Twitchy, Dr. Alice? Reports of a NEW patient exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms being transported to a hospital in Dallas. And news reports have it that it’s one of the Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies who were ordered into Duncan’s apartment WITHOUT PROTECTIVE GEAR (in order not to hurt tender feelings…) earlier this month.

  4. Dr Alice says:

    Oh shit. No, not yet. will review as soon as I have time.

  5. aelfheld says:

    But we can’t restrict travel to and from these plague spots ’cause we might infringe someone’s right to spread pestilence and death to as many people as possible.

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    Well, yes. Which is also why police can’t wear protective gear going into homes of Ebola patients. Might make someone feel uncomfortable.

  7. Dr Alice says:

    Ahh, hell. KTLA now reporting: http://ktla.com/2014/10/08/possible-ebola-patient-placed-in-isolation-at-inglewood-hospital-after-arriving-at-lax/
    The article contradicts itself. The patient apparently was taken by ambulance from LAX to the hospital last night, but “did not show any of the symptoms of Ebola”? What, they just railroaded him in there because of his passport?

    The good news is, at least the screeners are being cautious now. I expect a lot of folks will be sent to hospital who turn out not to have the virus. But it sure isn’t doing my blood pressure any good to read about this.

  8. Skyler says:

    I will not obey an order to expose my Marines or myself to Ebola in order to help countries too incompetent to do basic hygiene.

    That’s all it is, it’s not high tech. Any human civilization, with the knowledge of how the disease spreads, has the wherewithal to contain this disease.

    This puts our military at risk for a nation that has no impact on our lives.

    Get that disease aboard ship and we will have a disaster of our own.

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