Eric Holder’s Priorities

According to one of his Assistant Attorney Generals

“Although the state has a legitimate interest in preventing SAT fraud and safeguarding test-taker confidence … the state’s submission did not include any evidence or instance of either in­-person test impersonation or any other type of fraud that is not already addressed by the state’s existing SAT identification requirement and that arguably could be deterred by requiring student to present only photo identification at the polls,” he wrote.

So Holder has struck done New York’s discriminatory SAT-ID law on the basis that it places an “unfair burden” on certain minorities and that

“We need – and the American people deserve – testing systems that are free from discrimination, free from partisan influence, and free from fraud,” said Holder.

Remember: you need to show ID to write a check, deposit a check, withdraw money from the bank, get molested by TSA, buy a pack of cigarettes and take the SAT.

But not to vote.

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