Even If I Wasn’t Going to Be in New Orleans

…eating and drinking myself into a well-deserved coma ~ and in spite of the fact that she sounds like a lovely girl who wrote just the sweetest email request ~ SOMEthing in my DNA will NOT allow me to paint something so sweet…
…and so completely VILE.

“…My *** is getting married on July ***…as a…present I was hoping to get…personalized toasting flutes…what I am looking for is a Man wearing…

a Red Sox T-shirt that says groom above him, and a Woman wearing a Red Sox T-shirt that says bride…”

No, ma’am.
THAT I cannot do.

6 Responses to “Even If I Wasn’t Going to Be in New Orleans”

  1. kcruella says:

    Could be worse, they might have asked for a Yankee motiff

  2. Dave J. says:


  3. You were staying where when you get here next week, cosmic twin of mine…?
    And you should do something about that chest rumble, Dave. Sounds BAD.

  4. nightfly says:

    You could comply… a picture of Buckner in Game 6 on one flute, and a picture of Boggs crying in the dugout on the other.

  5. Gary from Jersey says:

    Nah. Just etch Babe Ruth’s picture on the flutes and see how long the marriage lasts.

  6. kcruella says:

    I’ll come bearing chocolate if that helps.

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