Every Evening I Go to Bed, Thinking There’s NOTHING Left Our Precedent Can Do to Shock Me

And EVERY freakin’ morning, the SOB proves me wrong, bless his little pointy head. File this new jaw dropper under You GOT to be shittin’ me?!?!?!

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Tuesday challenged Congress to pay for new increases in federal benefit programs as it goes rather than sink the nation deeper into a debt, calling it a matter of public responsibility. Republicans lashed back that Obama is no voice of fiscal restraint as the deficit soars.
The president’s plan would require Congress to pay for new entitlement spending, such as health care, by raising taxes or coming up with budget cuts — a “pay-as-you-go” system that would have the force of law. Under the proposal, if new spending or tax reductions are not offset, there would be automatic cuts in so-called mandatory programs — although Social Security payments and some other programs would be exempt.

Ohohohohoh, wait. I see.

…”It is no coincidence that this rule was in place when we moved from record deficits to record surpluses in the 1990s — and that when this rule was abandoned, we returned to record deficits that doubled the national debt,” Obama said, flanked at the White House by supportive Democratic lawmakers.

Bush did all this to us. I am at the point where I barely have any molars left in my head from the teeth gnashing that occurs every frickin’ time I see his smug, pretentious mug on the telly. Which, of course, seems like it’s fifty times lectures a day.
And it’s only been four months.

4 Responses to “Every Evening I Go to Bed, Thinking There’s NOTHING Left Our Precedent Can Do to Shock Me”

  1. JeffS says:

    4 months down, 44 to go. Grit your teeth, America, it’s gonna be a terrible ride.

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    My mantra has been to shrug and say “Well, we voted for this.”
    Note the “we.” None of this bullshit washing my hands of the country crap the lefties have done from ’00 through ’08. I’m not petulantly threatening to move overseas, I won’t sew a Canadian flag on my backpack, and I sure as hell aren’t going to run down my nation to foreigners under the asinine delusion that they’ll like and respect me if I do.
    This is still my country, even if our latest national temper tantrum has handed it over to the socialists and transnationalists. I’m not quitting no matter how badly they screw it up.
    Yeah, I understand your frustration Sis, but no way in hell am I letting this cheap carnie act get to me.

  3. Yojimbo says:

    We got those surpluses because we had a conservative Republican Congress. President Clinton couldn’t balance his social calendar. We lost those surpluses under an emerging “big tent” Republican philosphy of massive spending.
    The push for pay-go is an excuse for a VAT system along with taxing your medical benefits and anything else that moves. I wonder if some of these massive deficits weren’t intentional just to usher in another massive tax structure that wouldn’t have passed muster unless they went down this road. Remember your not paranoid if they REALLY ARE out to get ya!:)
    Steve: My sentiments exactly.

  4. greg newson says:

    The 64 thousand dollar question : When is a President going to do something to help the average working American.Obama was elected because the vast
    majority of young people, and a majority of others
    felt he was going to do things to help the average
    Joe who pays his bills the best he can,obeys the
    laws- crazy as some are-and believes in freedom.
    But,now we’ve had Bush#1,Clinton,Bush#2,and Obama,
    who all seem to want to be President of the UN
    rather than an American President.
    Remember what George Washington said,” Beware
    of foreign entanglements.”

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