Every Time I Hear Some Ignoramous Say “It’s JUST An Animal”

…I know he’s NEVER known the incredible love of a good dog.

Dog walked miles to Washington landslide where former owner is missing

An injured golden retriever found Thursday at the scene Washington’s deadly landslide appears to have walked for miles to get to the location where his onetime owner was last seen, authorities said.

KING5.com reported that Boomer was found there with injuries to his leg and hip. A veterinarian told the station that it appeared he walked three miles from his current home to get to the debris.

The dog’s current owner told the station that her brother is missing in the landslide and he once owned the dog.

They’d be a changed person if they ever had.

A believer.

2 Responses to “Every Time I Hear Some Ignoramous Say “It’s JUST An Animal””

  1. Julie says:

    Amen, Sis. When I was sick many years ago, my old dog Gypsy would come to my bedside once an hour and gently lay her head on the edge of the bed. Not enough pressure on the bed to wake me if I was sleeping, but just to check that I was ok, like a good nanny. (OK, it’s possible she was just concerned that the Food Delivery System might be in jeopardy, but I prefer to think that it was because she knew I needed her. 🙂 )

  2. Gunslinger says:

    A dog merely an animal? It is to laugh.

    No other creature on this planet accepts mankind for what it is, warts and all than a dog.

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