Feinstein’s Gun Ban Gets Introduced Today

The one line that really BURNS MY ASS?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office confirmed that she will be introducing in the Senate Thursday a new version of the so-called assault weapon ban. A spokesman said the full text will be released at a press conference on Thursday.

The California Democrat intends to expand on the ban that expired in 2004, by including handguns and shotguns, in addition to rifles. She would decrease from two to one the number of cosmetic features on a gun to have it be considered an “assault weapon.” This means that if a gun has just one item like a pistol grip or bayonet lug, then it is illegal. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law the same ban in New York last week.

Furthermore, instead of grandfathering in current firearms, she would create a national gun registry

for the government to track lawful gun owners

Magazines would again be limited to 10 rounds.


We’re close to being the criminal class now. Thank you again, Obama voters.

Call ALL your reps, or get back on the Ruger site. And we’re ~ as hard as it is to say ~ joining the NRA, for the first time EH-VAH.

I’m done with these assholes.

19 Responses to “Feinstein’s Gun Ban Gets Introduced Today”

  1. JeffS says:

    I bought NRA membership for one niece and her husband.

    And may I suggest looking at these other fine, pro-gun organizations as well?

  2. major dad says:

    The libs think they have an opening, they are going all out to get your weapons.

  3. JeffS says:

    The senators from Washington (Murray, Cantwell) both toe the Dhimmicratic party line, but they will hear from me. As will other elected officials.

    But Major Dad is right — the lefties want to grab the guns. Screw ’em.

  4. nightfly says:

    Right. Fast and Furious worked so well, they’re going to track legal firearms owned by American citizens?

    Great Lord in Heaven, how do these people escape the scorn and derisive laughter they so richly earn?

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    ‘Fly, they didn’t try to track the F&F guns.

  6. aelfheld says:

    There may be a state rifle association you can join if you find joining the NRA repellent (I dropped my NRA membership when their incessant begging became too aggressive; told them why in no uncertain terms too).

  7. mojo says:

    They won’t get the weapons. They may get an insurrection.

  8. mojo says:

    PS: Look up “Whiskey Rebellion” sometime.

  9. Mark says:

    I joined the NRA after the election. I might join or donate to some of the other organizations, too. Even though money is tight.

    Feinstein, & Co. have proposed the ridiculous so that after compromise they’ll still get most of what they want. I see the same with bills pending in CT. Our existing AWB will no doubt get stricter, high capacity magazines will be banned, but they’ve also proposed a 50% sales tax on ammo, mandatory insurance (because, in the words of the bill’s sponsor, an insurance adjuster can go in a house without a warrant), a ban on any weapon with a capacity greater than one shot…

    The insanity and inanity of it all is shocking. But it surprising…

  10. major dad says:

    They are going to use the tried and true B.S of “if it saves the life of just one child or person it will be worth it”. Never mind that the vast number of murders are committed with hand guns and if you take out say Detroit Chicago, Philly, L.A. and Oakland the numbers go way down but of course that’s racist to mention. These nuts just want our guns no matter how law abiding we are. Next big killing happens with a pump shotgun and guess what? They’ll come after those, it won’t end.

  11. Gunslinger says:

    Feinswine and the rest of the hoplophobic Stasi just keep repeating the same old busted crap they’ve used for many decades. It’s easily defeated so long as those of us who care to keep our Constitutional rights stand up and fight back without an ounce of compromise and especially encourage the newly minted gun owners of the past few years to join in the battle.

  12. Crusader says:

    Ah yes. So glad we reelected Barry. Thankfully my D senator is sweating reelection, so she may think twice about supporting this.

  13. Kathy Kinsley says:

    What Mojo said.
    “They won’t get the weapons. They may get an insurrection.”

    We’ve been “armed and dangerous” since 1776. Not likely to change.

  14. Skyler says:

    I got fooled into joining the NRA during the Wayne Lapierre “jackbooted thugs” controversy. I thought they would fight for gun rights.

    But they never really did anything except try to get influence with Congress. To think that they support Harry Reid causes an urge in me to speak words that my mother doesn’t even know.

    We wouldn’t have had Heller or McDonald without Alan Gura, no thanks to the NRA. The NRA has laid back and allowed so many concessions without ever taking a case to the Supreme Court. We now have defacto acceptance of the government outlawing suppressors, short barreled shotguns, and machine guns and we’ll likely never get those rights back again.

    The NRA isn’t evil, but they are generally supine. I like their latest video.

  15. JeffS says:

    Skyler, just for clarity: the NRA did not endorse Harry Reid in his last election. In large part, because a lot of members (myself included) wrote them not to do so.

  16. Syd B. says:

    Several Sheriffs around the country have stated publicly that they will refuse to enforce any Federal gun law that they deem to be in breech of the Constitution. Strangely, I have not yet seen any comments from my favorite Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who is normally, pretty outspoken on this type of thing. When it comes, however, I suspect it will be along the lines of “Suck my dick”.

  17. Skyler says:

    JeffS, they supported him in the past, in particular in 2010.

  18. Outspoken Red says:


  19. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Swords, knives, maces, lances, bo sticks, shuriken, crossbows, slingshots, longbows, bolas, spears, and I’m missing a few hundred because I don’t have the time to type them all.

    Stock up on some things they don’t think are weapons. Just in case. OK? And learn how to use them.

    This especially applies in states that are already anti-gun. I assure you there are HUNDREDS of weapons out there, and many of them are long range (maybe not as long as some guns, but they still work – better than nothing).

    Fl regained its sanity fairly recently. And I don’t think we’ll lose it again. But.

    Oh – and anything can be a weapon – right down to a loaf of bread. (Read that in a news report – burglar in a store, customer threw a loaf at him, distracted the perp long enough for others to take him down.) ANYTHING can be a weapon.

    And God(dess) grant we never (again, in my case – non fatal to him – he ran) need one.

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