For Those Who Used to Say There Was No Social or Redeeming Value in Saturday Morning Cartoons

…I offer exhibit “A”:

Drunk mans dies after peeing on third rail of G train

A drunken man was electrocuted and killed relieving himself on the third rail in Brooklyn this morning, sources said.

WHAT a HORRIBLE accident!

IF the lad had grown up watching “Ren & Stimpy” ~ as we insisted a tender, young Ebola did ~ he would have learned a lifesaving, “Conjunction Junction” sort of lesson that most probably ~ even in his inebriated state ~ would have kept him from his fatal act, SO catchy is the tune.

I know you’ll agree with me, since one can’t miss the meaning of…

Don’t Whiz on the Electric Fence!

A message that transcends childhood.

5 Responses to “For Those Who Used to Say There Was No Social or Redeeming Value in Saturday Morning Cartoons”

  1. Syd B. says:

    That’s why I just pee my pants when I’m stumbling home drunk.

  2. JeffS says:

    I learned that in childhood, from watching our dog, Bimbo*, hooking a cattle fence with his tail. The effect was rather spectacular, watching him run at full speed across the pasture, yipping all the way. The neighborhood gang laughed about it for months.

    But Bimbo never made that mistake again — he was a smart dog. Every time he went under any fence, his tail was deployed down between his legs. This was another source of amusement for the neighborhood gang.

    So Bimbo, a quiet, unassuming collie-shepard mix, was smarter than any drunk human. Says a lot about humans. I’m glad Ebola learned that lesson early on.


    *: Yes, his name really was Bimbo.

  3. Kate P says:

    We learned that important lesson, as well as what’s really in your nose: nose goblins!

  4. Crusader says:

    You fat bloated idiot! Yoooouuuuu sick little monkey. If he had bought some rubber nipples this would not have happened.

  5. Skyler says:

    But Mythbusters says it can’t really happen.

    I like Mythbusters, but sometimes they are out to lunch. But I really do like them.

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